Sunday, 1 March 2009


Serves 2:
  • 4 Eggs/200g Eggs, Free Range, Medium, Average

  • 200ml Milk, Semi Skimmed, Average

  • 3 Rashers/75g Bacon, Back, Smoked, Average

  • 40g Onions, Spring Or Scallion, Raw, Average

  • 80g Courgette, Raw, Average

  • 40g Peppers, Sweet, Orange, Raw, Average

  • 40g Cheese, Red Leicester, Average

  • 1 Tsp/5g Salt, Table, Average

  • 1 Tsp/2g Pepper, Black, Freshly Ground, Average

  • 1 Tsp/3g Nutmeg, Ground, Average

    Pre-heat the grill to medium

    Chop all the veg into bite-sized chunks

    Cook the bacon

    Whisk the eggs with the milk, add seasonings and a little nutmeg and about half of the cheese, grated.

    Fry the veg (I fry my bacon and then fry the veg in the bacon fat)

    Once cooked give the egg mixture a final whisk and pour over the veggies.

    Cook on medium for a few mins, lift the edges with a spatula to check how it is cooking, once the underside is done place the pan under the grill for a few mintues to cook the top.

    Once done sprinkle the remaining cheese on top and melt under the grill - don't put the cheese on top before cooking otherwise the cheese stops is cooking quickly enough and it can end up a bit rubbery!


    Nutrition DataPer Serving
    Calories (kcal)400.9
    Carbohydrate (g)10.3
    Protein (g)30.2
    Fat (g)26.6
    Fibre (g)1.4
    Alcohol (g)0.0
    Fruit & Veg1.1


    I usually serve mine with a salad of some sweet potato wedges.

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