Monday, 27 April 2009

The Actual Food - Breakfasts

So here's an idea of what I normally eat...

-Porridge! Most days I have porridge! Proper oats, none of this Oat So Simple of Ready Brek nonsense - Ready Brek was a truly awful experience, I have no idea what is in there but I never ever want to experience it again!
Anyway, I take my little tub of oats to work with me every day (usually 25g) and add 180-200ml skimmed milk and stick it in the microwave. Serve with 1 tsp natural organic dark brown muscovado sugar, sometimes nothing else but often add a teaspoon or two of dried fruit and/or some nuts and seeds mix.
I have also recently discovered Capella flavour drops with a zero calorie and totally yummy! Have been adding coconut or vanilla almond to my porridge.
I'm going to experiment with some Gordon Ramsey porridge ideas over the next few weeks as well to keep things interesting.

-Natural organic yogurt with chopped fresh fruit and maybe some nuts or capella drops too, my favorites are plain yogurt with chopped banana, chopped flaked almonds and banana nut crunch flavour drops or plain yogurt with 1tsp natural organic honey, flaked almonds and blueberries

-Eggs. I prefer having eggs at weekends when I have time to actually cook something, I'll either have them scrambled or poached with a slice of wholemeal seeded toast or I'll cook up a quick omelette, usually plain - my stomach doesn't like herbs or veg as morning foods. I'm going to order some liquid egg whites so I can start making omelette's with a couple of eggs and a couple of whites to fill me up more without adding too much fat or calories.
I may also add some bacon grilled on the George Foreman for a wee treat from time to time.

-Cereal. If I'm in a hurry or can't be bothered I'll have a bowl or cornflakes or branflakes with skimmed milk - it's not the best breakfast but it's not the worst and I do enjoy cereal from time to time, especially crunch oaty clustery type cereal with some natural yogurt mixed in - but it tends to be a lot more calorific than cornflakes or porridge sadly.

If it's real special occasion like christmas or a birthday I will go for croissants or pain au chocolat - I don't deny myself anything!

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