Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I'm really craving some cake! My teeth feel all weird and like they really want the sensation of biting into some cake, I can't concentrate on my work because I just want some cake!

I am resisting, though I wonder if I would still be resisting if I wasn't heading out for some dinner with my boyfriend tonight for our 4 year anniversary. Since it's a very special occasion I will be eating what I want and I will be attempting three courses! Of course I've already had a read over the menu and *think* I have decided! This is subject to change however... Starter I'm thinking duck pate with oatcakes, main course will be sea bass with new potatoes, spinach and fennel in a creamy mussel sauce, desert.... I'm torn! At the moment I'm leaning towards the coconut creme brulee or chocolate tart with vanilla marscapone... and I'm relying on my boyfriend ordering chocolate brownies or cake so I can have a bite!
Tomorrow is the worst day of month end in work so I'll be sticking to just the one glass of wine as all the month end action happens before 9.30am tomorrow.

I've been saving up the calories for tonight so it will still come within my calorie allowance for the week...excuse me while I go polish my halo.

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