Sunday, 26 April 2009

Stella starts over

Hmm, so I sort of abandoned this.... I was going to delete everything and start with a clean slate but decided to leave my first post from last time as I feel I've taken a different approach this time and have made permanent changes this time. And sadly have had to sell my bike, but I did sell it for the same price I bought it which means I can by myself something pretty! I have also bought a proper bike since which is much better to ride.

I've changed jobs, gyms and attitude since last time and I'm into my third week so thing seem to be going well. I have just hit the 1 stone weight loss mark this week which has given me even more motivation to continue!

My new job is great, but is too far away for cycling and I now get a lift in from a college so no more walking. And the office has an amazing canteen and a Starbucks - I'm doing pretty well at avoiding these, apart from the odd weak moment!

My gym membership deal was changed and where I was paying £25 a month I would have been paying something closer to £80 for exactly the same facilities so I canceled that immediately and spent about 6 months not exercising at all... probably had something to do with me putting on a stone since then!
I now use a different gym and workout with a friend, I'll call her D, what a difference it makes having someone to go with, plus she gives me a lift there and back so I have no excuses!

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