Monday, 4 May 2009

Food Diary 4th May

I've been struggling to get myself in the mood for eating well the last week and I'm still struggling this week, doing much better and have bought some lovely foods to try keep me interested!

Breakfast: 20g oats with 180ml skimmed milk, 1 tsp dark brown natural muscovado sugar, 25g dried cherries
Snack: 1 Babybel light, 1 tall Starbucks skinny latte
Lunch: Cream of Chicken soup - wasn't organised enough to bring my own lunch so was canteen food today - fortunately our canteen is great!
Snack: 2 mandarins
Dinner: 1 plain bagel toasted and each side served separately with some extra light Philidelphia and a slice of smoked salmon on each and half a bag of salad with some balsamic vinegar
Snack: 2 peanut butter cups and I've got one slice of smoked salmon left so will have that on a ryvita with some more cream cheese and I'll have a 1 scoop protein shake with water later on too to get my protein for the day up bit.

Drinks: 4 cups of tea, 1 skinny latte, 1 fruit tea and 2L of water so far

Exercise: for today and yesterday this has been housework and clearing out some old clothes and shoes - I have 14 pairs of shoes/boots to take to a charity shop - and still have a large cupboard filled with shoes somehow!

Daily Cal Quota: 1450
+ Exercise Cals: 0
Total Cal Quota: 1450
Calories Consumed: 1424
Calories Left: 26
Cals to Maintain Weight: 1950

Calories (kcal) 1424
Protein (g) 95.9
Carbohydrate (g) 166.1
Fat (g) 43.3
Fibre (g) 13.4
Fruit & Veg 3.0
Water (litres) 2.1

Fruit & Veg isn't great, I haven't had much fruit today and normally have a salad at lunch and more veg with dinner.

I've left my loss rate at 1lb a week as 1.5lb only gives me 1200 calories a day which just isn't enough!


  1. Rachel Edwards4 May 2009 at 21:39

    Hello!! Keep experimenting and try not to lose your food mojo - it can be lethal :O

    x x

  2. StellaDoesBlogging5 May 2009 at 11:03

    Thanks Rach! It's so easy to get comfortable with what you are eating, after a few weeks of planning I end up just sticking with the same since I've already planned and it's easier - but in the long run that really isn't easier!
    Think i might be brave and try some avocado this week!


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