Saturday, 9 May 2009

Food Diary 8th May

Went to the opera last night and had some dinner out before hand - we're both a bit skint so it was a 2 for 1 voucher somewhere cheap with a small menu! I was unecessarily bad though but I really enjoyed it!

B: 1 scoop vanilla protein shake with 00ml skimmed milk, 20g oats, 180ml skimmed milk, 1tsp muscovado sugar, 25g dried cherries, gingerbread capella drops
S: 1 babybel light and 2 mandarins
L: Salad of 40g orange pepper, 90g tomto, 45g grated carrot, 35g crated courgette, fresh black pepper, fresh chives, 40g king prawns, 110g low fat fromage frais
S: Starbucks skinny latte, 110g low fat natural yogurt, 40g blueberries, banana nut crunch capella drops
D: chicken enchilada's and a raspberry vodka with diet coke and soem of my boyfriends koppaberg cider
S: small tub of chocolate ice cream at the opera

D: 2L water, vodka and coke, starbucks skinny latte, some cider and 1 crppy vending machine latte

E: Not an exercise day but it really should be!

Daily Cal Quota: 1443
+ Exercise Cals: 0
Total Cal Quota: 1443
Calories Consumed: 2062
Calories Left: -619

Protein (g) 152.7 (29.6%)
Carbohydrate (g) 191.2 (34.7%)
Fat (g) 73.1 (31.9%)
Fibre (g) 16.7
Fruit & Veg 5.2
Water (litres) 2.0
Alcohol 11.1 (3.8%)

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