Saturday, 9 May 2009

Food Diary 9th May

Had my PT session this morning which was great! I was moaning about my slow process and pathetic upper body strength so we focused on shoulders, arms and back today with 15 mins intervals on the treadmill - I'm really not a runner so I'm really happy with my progress on the treadmill - it's amazing how much further/faster you can go with someone there encouraging you!

When I'm struggling with my weights he'll help give them a little push for a rep or two to get me to complete the set, but usually his hands are just there not actually doing anything but because I think I have help I manage to do so much more, it's only when I hear "it's all you" that I realise I can actually do it which encourages me to work even harder - it's amazing what a wee bit of motivation and determination can do for you!

B: Finally sussed out the whole protein powder in porridge thing - previous attempts have been gross and gone in the bin but I got it right this morning! 20g oats, 200ml skimmed milk, 20g seeds and goji berries mix, 25g vanilla protein powder
S: 1 scoop vanilla shake with water post-workout
L: Greggs chargrill chicken oval bite with some cheese and onion crisps
S: Snack a jacks mini bites - I got starving and desperate while shopping! 6 sports mix sweets - felt sorry for myself as had a really bad headache!
D: Half a bowl of sweet potato and carrot soup with 2 small slices bread followed by "Cheesecake" - 1 wholegrain Ryvita spread with extra light Philidelphia and a little apricot jam on top! Heaven!
S: Have snack a jacks and Malteasers for the cinema later on and will have protein shake when I get home as I think I'm going to hurt a lot tomorrow!

Drinks: 3.4L water, 1 cup tea and 1 bottle raspberry water, will take a bottle of water to the cinema too

PT session

Treadmill - quick warm up and 15 mins HIIT on an incline - 1 min walking then 1 min running, gradually going up to 2 mins running - he wanted me to keep going but I started feeling a little sick so we stopped then!

3 sets of:
Shoulder press 15kg then 10kg each arm then... I don't know what it's called but I hold one of the loose machine disc weights to my chest and push it straight out, out a shoulder height and out above my head to hit the PT's hand - did this with 15kg

Then over to one of the cable machines for 3 sets of:
Front raises with a bar pulled up from the from floor with elbows straight to over my head - only managed 5kg
Dumbbell rear lateral raise with 4kg dumbbell each hand

3 sets of cable standing rear lateral raise ant 15kg each arm - can't remember if this was supers sets with something else...

2 sets of:
Bent over rear delt row 8 reps of each of the 3 hand grips, started at 15kg then 10kg for set 2 and the first two hand positions for set 3 were 5kg then down to 2.5kg for the final one!

Dropsets on Rear delt row starting at 25kg going down 5kg each set

Finished on 3 sets of:
Cable crossovers
Push ups - can't do full ones but at least he didn't assume I couldn't do them! On my final one he told me to get further down and I got stuck and ended up with my face on the floor being laughed at - I think he new I wouldn't make it back up!

Daily Cal Quota: 1437
+ Exercise Cals: 513
Total Cal Quota: 1950
Calories Consumed: 1929
Calories Left: 21
Protein (g) 118.1 (25.2%)
Carbohydrate (g) 233.1 (46.6%)
Fat (g) 59.0 (28.3%) bit too much bad fat in here today!
Fibre (g) 22.1
Fruit & Veg 1.3 My fruit and veg never gets very high on the weekends - need to sort this, it's just because I have no weekend routine.
Water (litres) 3.4

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