Friday, 1 May 2009


I'm currently addicted to my new favourite salad:
Grated carrot
Grated courgette
Finely chopped yellow or orange pepper
Finely chopped tomatoes - normally I can't eat tomatoes without feeling as though I may throw up but I quite like them in my salad for some added moisture - but they have to be chopped really small!
Chopped spring onion
Fresh chives
Tons of freshly ground black pepper

I'll throw in some meat, either tinned tuna, grilled free range orgasmic chicken breast or some king prawns

My dressing is either low fat cottage cheese or low fat fromage frais

I make a big tub of the veg on Sunday night and it will usually last me 4 days. each night before bed I add the dressing and meat. Everything is weighed for my food diary.

I used to just get some soup from work but have been finding it far too salty and prefer to stick to foods where I know exactly what is in then - I now go for shop bought fresh soups or homemade (this is yet to happen!!)

I want to get into the habit of eating more carbs with lunch on gym days as I always need more energy and calories and want to see if the carbs help. I'll most likely stick with my regular salad but have less of it and stick it in a wholemeal wrap or pitta.

Weekends I tend to end up having lunch out and try and stick with the healthiest sandwich/salad I can or I'll have soup if I'm at home. Lunch on the weekends seem to be the worst meals of my week, I try to stick with something healthy but often forget and end up just having anything and fitting it in with my daily calorie allowance - I'm going to make an effort to be a lot more organised with lunches this month.

Below is a copy and paste of my list of lunch ideas. I find it easier and cheaper to stick with something similar through the weeks but don't want to end up bored eating the same foods each week so I put together this list for some easy inspiration and to stop me making excuses for slacking off!

Wholemeal wrap or wholemeal pitta with:
- Chicken or tuna, salsa and salad
- Chicken or prawns, low fat fromage frais and salad
- Tuna with light Philidelphia
- Humus and veg
- Smoked salmon with light Philidelphia and salad

Ryvita or wholemeal seeded bread (open sandwich) with:
- Avocado, prawns and low fat fromage frais
- Low fat cottage cheese and sliced peach
- Banana and dates
- Low fat Philidelphia, tomato and basil
- Brie and grapes (for when I'm feeling a bit indulgent!)
- Light Philidelphia with smoked salmon and rocket

- scrambled on toast or Ryvita
- Poached on toast/Ryvita with or without some grilled bacon
- Omelette with veg and some extra egg whites

I'm not a fan or rice or pasta salads as I don't like cold rice or pasta and I tend to not bother with hot lunches unless it's soup or eggs
- Avocado, prawns and fromage frais

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