Sunday, 24 May 2009


Personal trainer session yesterday and I'm really suffering! Haven't ached like this for ages! I was feeling a little fragile after some drinks on Friday and although we didn't take it easy in the gym he did have me take much longer rests between exercises than usual.

Started off with the usual 5 min warm up on the cross trainer at level 5 then 8 - my heart rate was so high! It was already up in the 120's before I even started!

Moved onto the squat rack for three sets at 40kg, 60kg then 80kg - only managed to get half way through the set at 80kg as my wrists couldn't take it so finished it off back at 60kg. It's so frustrating - 60kg is fine on my legs and I know I could go heavier but I have problems with my wrists and don't want to push my luck.

Next did the leg press - drops sets to failure

Then onto some arm work with supersets of lat pulldowns and tricep pulldowns

Finished off with some core work - apparently my legs are "nice and strong" now so he got me to attempt an exercise I couldn't even begin before and I managed it quite easily so was very pleased! Next I did 30 seconds plank and 30 seconds side plank each side x 2. First set I managed fine but second set I fell a few times as my shoulders were sore!

Really pleased with how much easier the core stuff was since I haven't actually done anything specifically for my core!

Looking forward to my next PT session - just wish I could afford more than one a week!

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