Saturday, 2 May 2009

Personal Trainer

I've been seeing a personal trainer through my gym for a couple of months now, unfortunately it's not cheap so I'm only going once a week at the moment - but it is worth every single penny!

I'm just back from doing tough cardio session with him and have never worked so hard in my life! Normally we will just do weights but I've been slacking off this week and have failed miserably at running three times a week so he decided to torture me with the cardio!

5 min warm up on the cross trainer
15 mins HIIT on the treadmill
20 mins HIIT on the rower
20 mins of pure hell on the spinning bike

Loved every single minute of it and according to my HRM burned off a fantastic 591 calories with a Max HR of 189 and average HR of 157 - not that I know what any of this means right enough!

I wore a rather bright pink top today and by the time I was done my face did actually match my top!

Next week we are going to sit down for 10 mins or so before working out and have a look at my goals and come up with a plan now that I have reached my first goal of losing 1 stone.


  1. WEll done mate, sounds like a killer workout :D

  2. StellaDoesBlogging2 May 2009 at 15:51

    Cheers JAG! It really was! Never knew I could run so fast or do a whole hour of hard going cardio - couldn't have done it 2 months ago!


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