Friday, 22 May 2009

Quick Update...

So I'm back home after a week of visiting family and having a wee bit of a 'starting over'
I didn't do brilliantly while I was away but I definitely could have done much worse! I ate quite well at my mums but it fell apart a little at my dads place - they have 3 young kids so always have loads of whatever foods they have in - days 1 and 2 I did quite well, day 3 I re-discovered biscuits and cheap chewy sweets!

I only managed one long hilly walk and one 30 min gym visit - I had planned for two 1 hour visits but couldn't make it on day one and didn't want to do full body weights 2 days in a row so thought I'd do 2 half hour split workouts. It feels like a really pathetic excuse but the gym down in Glasgow had really awful lighting which gave me sore eyes, a headache and made me feel faint so all I managed was legs then about 1min on the cross trainer!

Anyway, the damage... I've put on 2.2lb, gained 1 inch on my chest and remained the same everywhere else.
I'm actually wondering if the wait gain is TOTM related as my chest always gets bigger then. TOTM was due to fall when I was away and I decided to take second pack of my pill with no break so I'm wondering if I've got a month of feeling bloated ahead of me or if it will go down after a few days of eating well.

Off to the gym now with D - think it will be a short cardio session for me this morning as I have the personl trainer tomorrow which will mostly be weights - I think!


  1. don't be too hard on yourself, it sounds like you were quite good considering.


  2. It's good to have you back crappy, I missed your blog. Hope all is ok, please come and update us xxx


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