Sunday, 10 May 2009


Oh dear, I'm really rather skint this month but have somehow ended up buying a Reebok step! I checked the measurements and when I realised the Wii Fit board would fit on top I had to have it! I really enjoy Wii Fit and it gets my heart rate up and burns fair a mount of calories but the step aerobics on it is a bit easy with the board being so close to the floor.

I only did 20mins today as I wasn't in the mood but didn't want to do nothing. The Wii Fit has a basic step and I think the other is just called advanced...anyway I did both twice, first with the step and second with the step and some dumbells - was much better with extra height, my game score sucked but I worked harder! The step will also come in handy for working out at home when I can't make the gym and have some proper dumbbells.

150 cals with max HR 166 (that was during the hula hooping I did in the middle!)

Yesterdays max HR was 191 when working my shoulders!


  1. Thats a genius idea y'know, it pees me off that the step is so easy and was gonna add dumbbells but not allowed to use armweights yet....think I might pay Argos a visit tomorrow :D

  2. Rachel Edwards10 May 2009 at 19:37

    Oh what a good idea =]!

  3. StellaDoesBlogging10 May 2009 at 20:08

    Someone posted on WLR about there being a Wii Fit riser thingy available in the States which gave me the idea - the branded one looked pretty small and the Reebok one can go quite high so I think it's a good buy.
    There is a cheaper "Kirsty" one in Argos but it looked quite low and I really want to use it for weights workouts - need to practice in private to avoid looking like a twonk in the gym!


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