Sunday, 21 June 2009

9.5kg and Jeans

9.5kg - That is how much weight I've lost and that is how heavy the dumbbell I used for bent over rows was this week. It's really weird having the weight I've lost there too hold, and scary how heavy it is and how hard it was to lift - can't believe I'd been carry all that extra far around with me, and I still am carrying another load. I think everytime I need a wee motivational kick I'm going to have to pick up that dumbbell and remind myself of the extra strain I've been putting on my body!

Jeans - I finally gave in yesterday and accepted that my favourite jeans just do not fit anymore! They hang so low they are almost indecent and have got so loose that a belt looks ridiculous. So I decided once again I would torture and depress myself by going jeans shopping. Big Mistake. I despise jeans shopping. I just don't know how it works. They tell me the sizes are waist sizes, my waist currently measure 27.1", now I knew not to bother going near anything as small as a 27 or 28 so started off trying the 30, couldn't get them on. Not even close! So I tried a few different brands and found nothing that fits. Great. As you can imagine I'm feeling really good about myself after that. Never in my life have I had a jeans shopping experience that wasn't somewhat traumatic! I don't understand why it's so hard. Meh.


  1. That is such a good idea about lifting a weight equal to how much you have lost. I might give that a try myself tonight!

    I hate jeans shopping too mate, that's why I buy mine from places like George or Matalan as they come in regular sizes rather than waist sizes. The last pair of jeans Mr JAG bought me had the same waist size as me and I can only just about get them up - they look awful!

  2. I feel the pain on jeans shopping. The only ones that seem to fit me are Primark's finest (sometimes) and New Look Hula jeans. I don't even try anywhere else these days, I'm too twisted and embittered by the whole experience...

    Incidentally, I have a 24.5" waist and I have been unable to get 28" jeans on!

  3. Aw don't be donw chick. I think all jeans manufacturers label jeans for waist size when its actually more like belly/hip size as they are designed to sit low - jeans that actually go around your waist would be a la 1990! We should set up a petition for all jeans manufacturers to bloody label their products properly!

    And fab idea about the weight, I'm gonna do that too :D

  4. This post and subsequent comments have restored my faith in the world.

    I only buy New Look jeans, as the are the only jeans I can get past my thighs, or don't give me a denim camel toe.

    I'm so attractive.

  5. Another member of the don't like jeans shopping club here. I rarely go. And jeans that used to fit me in shops don't anymore. My last successful jeans purchase (2 years ago) was at Topshop (where I never buy anything else as it seems they only cater for waifs) and I only went there because I had bought jeans there previously so I chanced my luck.

    I can pull them off now over my hips without even undoing them so I may need to invest soon!

  6. StellaDoesBlogging21 June 2009 at 18:24

    So pleased I'm not the only one with jeans problems! Well, not pleased, I'd be pleased if none of us had problesm buying jeans! Will give new look a try though and once I've lost some more weight think I may treat myself to a pair of 7 for all mankind jeans as they were a good shape for me but I'm between sizes right now!

    I once tried on H&M jeans and couldn't get them past my CALVES! Never been near H&M jeans since!

  7. evil evil jeans!

    The weight thing is such a good idea, had never even occured to me. Must visualise that next time I'm huffing and puffing with a heavy weight (well, heavy for me!)


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