Sunday, 7 June 2009


I never thought they day would come when I'd actually prefer dark chocolate over milk! Certainly not before I was in my 40's anyway! I always imagined my 40's would be when I would start appreciating things like dark chocolate, red wine and olives!
I'm still not a fan of the red stuff my I'm working on the olives - I can eat 4 now! Still wouldn't ask for them though.

But anyway, this is about chocolate!

I've always tolerated dark chocolate and found it 'alright' and that it would do if there was no milk. But right now thinking about Dairy Milk vs some good quality dark.... has to be the dark! I suppose it is rather unfair comparing cheapo milk with decent dark chocolate, but it's so much easier to get hold of a good dark chocolate compared to a good milk - Lindt is about it really.

I'm also loving how much more interesting dark chocolate can be - it goes much better with other flavours than milk does and different bars of dark from different countries or in different strengths really do taste different. I currently have a choice of some plain 85% chocolate, dark with ginger and dark with orange - dark chocolate does have to be dark, thin and cold though, which means no danger of eating my body weight in at at the cinema!
Everytime I go out I can't help looking for differnet flavours to try! And the best part is it doesn't have that same addictive quality milk chocolate has, I can easily enjoy a single square of dark and not need any more. And I can look forward to it rather than having to have it now, I couldn't have done that even 1 month ago.

And no, I'm not going to go off and have some chocolate now!


  1. Rachel Edwards7 June 2009 at 11:21

    I totally agree. I never thought I'd be a dark chocolate person either..weird!

    Have you tried chilli chocolate yet? Very a good way :) x

  2. StellaDoesBlogging7 June 2009 at 11:40

    Yes I have tried chilli, bit hardcore for me! Need to build up my chilli stamina a bit more before I could tackle a bar of the stuff!

    Good to see you back Rachel!


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