Sunday, 28 June 2009

Food Diary 26th June

Ooops, not been doing too well at keeping up! Been a busy weekend with my dad coming up for a visit yesterday - was long over-due, he hasn't visited for ages and not since we bought our flat in September! Was great seeing him and I did take the opportunity to over-indulge :D but I did have a fantastic PT session on Saturday and a 2 hour walk today.

I'm just going to summarise my food over the last two days!
Friday I did quite well but unfortunately there were still cookies left at work and my willpower is crap! Other than that my meals and snacks were as planned and I went over cals by 109.
Saturday, started off well with a protein pancake...

My first one, and certainly not the last! Was so filling though and I only managed to eat half - but it still got me through the hour long PT session! I used 1 scoop vanilla why, 30g oats, 30g cottage cheese, 1 whole egg and 60ml skimmed milk then topped with about 100g 0% Greek yogurt. Think these will become a regular feature at weekends!

After the PT session I had to come home and run round like mad woman cleaning and tidying before my dad arrived! Hunger got the better of me and I had some Snack a Jacks before my lunch which was the left over salad I made for work mixed with some salsa and a tiny bit of left over fromage frais.
Had quite a long wait between lunch and dinner and because I wasn't home and hadn't taken anything with me this was another pack of Snack a Jacks.
For dinner we got a takeaway from the nearby Nepalese place - meal for two between the three of us and I had some cava to drink - this took me to 319 over cals for the day. 444 of my cals came from the cava!

Sunday my dad wanted to treat us to a fry up - but it was healthy, considering! He only used a little olive oil and I had 2 slices bacon, I fried egg, some mushrooms, beans and a potato scone.
After breakfast we went out for a walk for over 2 hours.
Too full up for lunch and dinner was an omelette with a little cheese and a slice of bacon with the last potato scone on the side.
This evening my boyfriend treated me to some Thorntons Desert Gallery chocolate which I thoroughly enjoyed! Today I am over cals by 70.

Back to being healthy tomorrow! I am off work for the day - thank god! And plan on going to the gym early for some cardio (30mins) then plan to have weights session at home in the afternoon.

Oh and the naughtiest thing I did this weekend was buy myself a DSLR camera - I was going to wait until payday on Tuesday but figured if I bought today I'd have all day tomorrow to play with it!

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