Monday, 8 June 2009

Food Diary 8th June

Food has been ok today, tried Quark with protein powder for the first time...not sure how I feel, it was good but I think I need to have it with something, like as a topping for a pancake or Ryvita. It's one of those textures that makes my throat feel a bit weird, like mushy banana...makes me gag a little. But the flavour is good!

Have decided I love watermelon! Best £1 I've ever spent! It was only 1 quarter but I had my second bowlful tonight and still have loads left for tomorrow - I would have eaten it tonight but it really filled me up and I couldn't eat another bite!

Breakfast: 20g porridge oatst, 150ml skimmed milk, 1 tsp natural musovado, 2 tsps seeds/dried fruit mix
Snack: 1 bag Organix cookies and 2 satsuma
Lunh: 125g Quark, 1 scoop vanilla protein, followed by 80g strawberries and 60g raspberries
Snack: 140g Low fat Greek yogurt, 80g blueberries and 10g almonds
Pre-Workout Snack: Cocoa Loco Nakd bar and 20g dark chocolate as I was watching Sunday's Apprentice where they were eating chocolate and technically it's still TOTM....
Post-Workout Snack: 1 soop protein shake with water
Dinner: Sweet potato and carrot soup with a chiabatta roll and little butter followed by 250g watermelon

Drinks: Roibos tea, normal tea, coffee, fruit tea and water

Exercise: Full body weights at home

Daily Cal Quota: 1419
+ Exercise Cals: 287
Total Cal Quota: 1706
Calories Consumed: 1649
Calories Left: 57

Protein (g) 110.1 (26.9%)
Carbohydrate (g) 202.1 (46.3%)
Fat (g) 48.5 (26.7%)
Fibre (g) 26.0
Fruit & Veg 9.7
Water (litres) 3.0

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  1. Must try the quark/protein powder combo one of these days....psyching myself up....


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