Sunday, 14 June 2009

Food Diary Update

Been another really busy week at work and next week will be quarter end so even busier! I've been too tired to post in the evening - ready for bed by around 8pm and struggling to stay up past 10pm, oh dear! I really hope this doesn't last!

Anyhoo, food has been ok this week - lost it a bit on Friday as I'm normally based on the client office but they lose every other Friday so we had to go over to our own crappy office where the only food options are a "healthy" vending machine (there's a diet coke in it so they call it healthy??) and a sandwich van which specialises in cakes, white bread and mayo, yum.
And they only have tiny pots of UHT milk so my porridge had to be made with water :(
I was so pissed off by the food situation that when the sandwich van came I bought a chocolate muffin as big as my head for my lunch - took me 45 minutes to eat it and I felt like shit afterwards. At least I enjoyed it at the time and my body choosing to "eject" the muffin so soon after has put me off wanting another one for quite some time!

It all when down hill from there really. Had good intentions, steak and veg - was going to make sweet potato wedges but the muffin used up too many of my calories. In hindsight I'd have been better off eating the sweet potato wedges than half a big pack of Kettle salt & Pepper hips with houmous, followed by a tube of smarties, mini bottle of cava and can of red bull (to keep me up until the end of the movie - didn't work.)

As a result, my loss for this week is only 0.6lb, but I have 0.5inch off my hips at the widest and 0.7inch across the top of my hips/belly which I'm pretty pleased with as the fat's been pretty slow coming off my hips and making me look really pear shaped.
Since I'd been so good for the beginning of the week I cheated and weighed on Thursday morning - had I stayed that weight my loss would have been 1.4lb so I guess a bit of the weight is down to bloating from the binge, which pushes me to behave myself this week!

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  1. Ah, chocolate muffins. I had one last night completely for the sake of it and within 20 minutes had the worst stomach cramps! Definitely enough to put a person off!


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