Sunday, 21 June 2009

Plan for the week

This is going to be a long one....

I can't remember if I posted my weigh in results, but there wasn't much to report anyway! Last Friday I had a big binge and my loss on Saturday morning was 0.6lb, I weighed again on the Tuesday which gave me a 'new' loss of 2.2lb. I had a reasonably good week and weighed yesterday at exactly the same weight as Tuesday. Not going to weigh again until next Saturday morning!

I really want to get into the habit of posting my food diary here every day to give me some motivation to eat well. I don't like just posting the food diary as it's so boring if I have nothing else to say - my my ramblings generally aren't interesting anyway so I am going to post even if it is just the food diary.

My plan for the next week is:

M: full body weights 30 mins - 1hr
T: Cardio - intervals 30 - 45mins
W: full body weights 30 mins - 1hr
T: Cardio - intervals 30 - 45mins
F: rest
S: PT session
S: ideally a run but I'll see how the day goes

I'm doing the best I can at home with the weights but have out grown the weight for my legs so I'm trying to do exercises that really challenge me like the bulgarian split squat and lunges as those are still hard with my dumbbells. I'm moving towards single leg exercises but my balance isn't good so I can't do proper heavy sets yet. I'm sweating buckets when I'm doing it's getting my HR up as high as in the gym. When I can afford it I'm going to buy the 20kg York cast iron adjustable dumbbell set so I can have one set heavy for legs and the other set lighter for upper body work, it will give me the weight I need for my legs and make moving between exercises quicker.

I'm going to vary my breakfasts during the week as I always have porridge. I'm going to switch between yogurt with apple/berries with some flaxseed and flaked almonds or porridge with mixed seeds and dried berries with muscovado sugar.

Morning snack I'm going to have 2 satsumas and a babybel light or a an apple and babybel light

Lunch needs to be something I can make a big box of on a Sunday as I don't have the time to do it daily so sticking with my salad with prawns/chicken, cottage cheese/low fat fromage frais and pine nuts. It's also nice with a couple of ryvita if I feel the need but generally I enjoy it and struggle to eat it all!

Afternoon snack, depending on breakfast will either be yogurt with berries and almond or chopped carrot with homemade salsa. I need to start getting more of my 5 a day from vegetables as I'm eating a lot of fruit these days, especially if I don't have my salad for lunch.

If I'm working out straight after work which is what I've been doing 4 days a week, I'll have a Nakd 30g bar or Fruitus bar at around 4pm just before I leave. Once my Nakd bars run out I'm going to have a go at making my own version with some protein powder.

After workout is always 1 scoop protein shake with water straight after and I'll add two oatcakes with honey when I get home

Dinner for this week is:
Chicken Chow Mein x 2
Lime and ginger pork x 2
Beef stroganoff
Chicken risotto
Thai beef stir fry
tilapia with sweet potato and veg
Generally served with basmati rice or noodles, but these will depend on exercise calories and if I have enough veg to fill up on instead.

For 'pudding' I'll have one or two peanut butter cups or some fruit.

My calorie allowance is just under 1400 per day and I'm going to be eating them all and around half my exercise calories too.

I've decided to start doing a cheat meal as I don't really bother and have ocassional cheats throughout the week, usually just a little chocolate or a Starbucks or something but I think I should swap all those for one cheat once a week, whether it's nachos (been craving some good nachos lately!), main meal or a pudding, crisps and a proper drink, whatever, but one proper cheat instead of lots of little ones! If I'm struggling with cravings for a cheat during the week I still have my dark chocolate I can have a square of.

Now I just need to stick to the plan...

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  1. Excellent planning - very inspiring! Well done on the loss too!

    Do let me know how you get on with the protein bars!


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