Sunday, 26 July 2009


Been a bit crap at updating and a bit crap food-wise over the weekend - nevermind, loss just under 1lb and about half an inch from my waist and hips this week. Only had one weights session, one PT session and this morning I went for my first ever solo outdoor run for 33 minutes - quite a big achievement for, seems silly but I couldn't run outside on my own. This morning I was up stupid early and figured no one would be around so why not! Was raining lightly which was nice but I think I could do with a proper lightweight running jacket as the cheapo Primark one I have quickly gets hot and annoying!

I've just finished making some soup for my lunches at work, it's lovely! Really looking forward to my lunches this week - made 6 portions of it at 158 cals per portion, 50% protein and 1 portion of veg (ish). I got the recipe from a fellow blogger - Getting Lean but the quantities were slightly different. Next time I think I'll make it with more veg but I ran out of space in the wok to add more. Will post my recipe later on.

Filled in my food diary for tomorrow with my rate of loss back at 1lb per week and my current weight at 141.5lb which means I'm back on 1600 cals per day. Hoping to fit in a bit more exercise this week as my mum is visiting at the weekend and I'll be making her birthday cake and heading out for dinner (and wine!). Anyway, food plan for tomorrow is looking good - little high in fat and low on protein but I have no money so need to eat loads of eggs for dinner this week as we have a huge box of eggs and not much else in! Bought a big tub of greek yogurt, some frozen berries, carrots and salsa for my packed lunches and can't aford to stray!


  1. Can't wait to see this recipe!!!

  2. StellaDoesBlogging26 July 2009 at 21:11

    Do me a favour and remind me tomorrow if I forget! I might get it up tonight but told A I'd do laundry and tidy up so better get off my butt!


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