Sunday, 19 July 2009

Still here

Just really busy and really tired after the weekend away - but I'm hungover today and my boyfriend will be out for the whole day so no doubt I'll be blogging later on!

Been a good week diet and loss wise - didn't go to the gym this week though, just too tired! Yesterday mornings PT session was the first exercise in 9 days and boy did I know it! Could not believe how much harder it was, still I managed to squat just 4kg under my own body weight so definitely not a bad session! I'm really feeling it today! I do like the feeling of DOMS, but only every so often, I hate getting it every session as it puts me off and gets me thinking I don't want to do this if I have to spend my life in pain struggling to move! Nice to get the odd reminder I'm working hard though.

Loss over the last week and a half was 2.2lb plus half an inch of my thighs and waist and smaller losses elsewhere, except my boobs which are bigger again this week - I mostly ignore that measurement actually, they just please themselves and there seems no pattern for it...

Anyhoo, here are my losses since I started recording on 1st Feb:

Weight 24.2 lb
Bust 2.9 inches
Under Bust 3.6
Waist 4.7
Hips 4.4
Hips at Widest 3.5
Top of Thighs (L) 2.5
Above Knees (L) 2.4
Calves (L) 0.9
Upper Arms (L) 1.6

I was going to take some progress pics today but I'm feeling a big bloated and gross after all the wine last night so I'll give it another week!


  1. Wow EXCELLENT results!

    What kind of squats do you do?

  2. StellaDoesBlogging19 July 2009 at 11:39

    Thank you! I use the squat rack with the barbell when I'm with the trainer - it hurts but it's my favorite!

  3. Excellent results mate, well done. Look forward to the pics next week maybe?

  4. Well done Crappy - amazing loss x


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