Thursday, 27 August 2009

Another catch up!

I'm still not very good at this posting every day thing - just struggling to find the time!
Think my last food diary was Thursday and to be honest I've not really been keeping it going too well. Friday day was ok but in the evening we went to Pizza Hut, shared some nachos and had an "individual" pizza each from the new thin base range, good but no Pizza Express! Then we went home and watched a movie with sweeties and chocolate.....Saturday, I can't remember! We went for a walk and had a picnic at the beach, chicken, salsa and salad sandwiches with healthy snacks. I had a Nakd flapjack fro dinner followed by chocolate and ice cream at the cinema - oops! Sunday I really have no clue and haven't put a thing in my food diary! Though I do know I was for a run in the rained at 8am.
Monday and Tuesday I had the day off work - Monday I did great, Tuesday started well with an hour in the new gym but then it all went a bit binge-tastic! Yesterday I only just managed to keep it together but did have a couple of hundred calories worth of dark chocolate with papaya but resisted the takeaway that my boyfriend had for dinner.

Not sure what I had for dinner on Monday but while shopping in the morning I discovered 9 Bars in Holland & Barret - packed full of seeds and healthy fats with a coating of chocolatey stuff - very nice, very high calorie and I spent about an hour afterwards picking little bits out of my teeth - not sure they are worth the hassle!

I also had a lovely low cal lunch thanks to Marks & Spencers new Asian range. I had Asian Beef salad in Lettuce wraps and some Mouli wraps with thai chicken and sweet chilli prawns. Absolutely loved these and will be looking into making my own soon.

The shot glasses have the dips in them!

The homemade Nakd bars haven't progressed much, I made another batch with dates which turned out better as the stickiness of the dates holds the mixture together really well - but I still added too much water! Not sure I'll be experimenting too much more with them for a while as I've recently bought one of the Nakd pressie boxes and a box of 30 of the gluten free bars so have plenty to keep me going for a while. Though saying that I probably will be tempted to try a few homemade flavours out...


  1. I've been eyeing up those beef wrap things - might try them now!

  2. Stella Does Blogging29 August 2009 at 11:13

    Definitely try them! They are really good but so low calorie that I don't think they'd be enough on their own - but they aren't cheap unfortunately.


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