Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Food Diary 18th August

Well despite all my anger and annoyance yesterday I managed to keep my food healthy - that's definitely progress for me! Today hasn't been quite so good, it's not been bad but a lack of planning and preparation meant I've gone over cals, but I'll update on today tomorrow!

Yesterday's food:

Breakfast: Protein shake, 1 scoop, half milk, half water and a banana with almond butter - this got some interesting looks at work!

Snack: Babybel light and 1 satsuma
Lunch: Tuna with salsa, spring onion, black pepper and lettuce on 3 multi-grain Ryvita
Snack: 150g red grapes and 100g full fat greek yogurt with half a scoop chocolate whey
Pre-Workout: banana bread Nakd bar - this has overtaken cocoa loco as my favourite!Plus 1 scoop whey in water as all the delays in getting out of the house meant I was getting hungry
Post-Workout: 1 scoop whey with water and Nakd chocolate orange bar - even better than banana bread and actually a fantastic alternative to terry's chocolate orange! Not that I'd choose a fruit bar over an actual chocolate orange mind!
Dinner: Chilli with a slice of wholemeal seeded bread and Olivio

Drinks: Water - I had 1.2L during my workout and 2 750ml bottles at work - maybe more but I forgot to log any of it, 1 cup of tea and Starbucks latte with vanilla sugar free syrup - I asked for hazelnut after it being so yummy the day before, which is funny since the day before I asked for vanilla and got hazelnut....wonder what I'll get next time!

Exercise: 1hour walking plus weights at home (see previous post)

aily Cal Quota:
+ Exercise Cals: 558
Total Cal Quota: 2162
Calories Consumed: 1914
Calories Left: 249
Protein (g) 166.1
Carbohydrate (g) 176.3
Fat (g) 62.6
Fibre (g) 26.8
Fruit & Veg 6.9

I'm off to bed for an early night now - I'm tired and stressed after trying to sell some things on ebay! Buggers have changed the rules so that if they don't want you to charge postage on an item they wont let you list it - how odd! I hate ebay.

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