Saturday, 22 August 2009

Food Diary 20th August

Thursday was another one of those almost good days, then there were free croissants going around the office and the last few days I'd been thinking how I really, really fancied one - so when they were offered I didn't even try to resist! It was gooooood, but I do wish I'd waiting until the weekend and I could have had it at the weekend and put it under the grill for a few minutes.

Weighed in this morning and have lost like 0.2lb! I do only have my loss rate set to 0.5lb and did go out for pizza last night, I also weighed on Friday morning and I'm the same today so don't think it was the pizza's fault. Last weekends food was no good so I only had 5 days this week - one I went over because of the croissant and one I had pizza and nachos for dinner! It's amazing how easy it is to forget the crappy food!

So Thursdays food...

Breakfast: Protein shake and greek yogurt with half a scoop of whey
Snack: babybel light
Lunch: porridge with skimmed milk and apple and plum puree
Snack: grapes, croissant and pecan pie Nakd bar - I then met a friend in town for coffee and I just ordered a latte with skimmed milk and sugar free syrup - I was a little hungry but avoided all the cakes! I also tried on a size 10 coat in New Look and it was an absolutely perfect fit! Sadly I feel it's too early to give in a buy a coat, plus I think £60 for something from New Look is a bit much...
Dinner: Seeds and oats wholemeal bread sandwich with salsa, chicken, slice of ham, slice of gouda and mustard
I also had three chocolates as someone had bought a box into work, fortunately it was small box otherwise I would have eaten more!

Drinks: Starbucks coffee, normal coffee water - again not all of it logged

No exercise due to lack of gym membership and meeting friend for coffee

I've only had one exercise session this week but will be doing a lot of walking today and depending on how I feel I may go for a run tomorrow morning.
I want to change my loss rate back to 1lb per week so want to be doing some exercise every day to allow me to eat enough - I was going tro chnge to 1.5lb but I would only be allowed 1104 calories a day! Haha! As if I could cope on that!

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