Saturday, 29 August 2009

Food Diary 28th August

Breakfast: Protein shake and an apple Larabar

Loved the Larabar, my local Sainsburys have started selling them in Apple Pie and Ginger Snap. The Apple Pie was great, preferred the flavour and texture to the Nakd bars actually...

Snack: Fruit salad of mango, strawberry and water melon and some Nakd orange raisins

Lunch: Ham and egg wholemeal roll and Thai green chicken soup

Snack: Diet coke and Hula Hoops. I hate this about Friday's, we have tog o over to our crappy office and I find it so hard to eat well when I'm there for some reason! Also had a Cashew Cookie Nakd bar when I got home
Dinner: Tapas and Sangria at La Tasca! Not my favourite place or the best tapas but still a great meal! I also had a Crema Catalan liqueur after the meal which was beautiful! I need some of this stuff! Was a bit like Amarula fruit cream but with a bit of a spicy kick and a banana flavour to it.
We really struggle finding places to go out and eat up here - it was much easier finding new and interesting places to go back in Glasgow. Luckily I'm going there next weekend for some wine and food with my good friend from uni who I've not seen for months, I can't wait!

Calories for yesterday were obviously high! I've guessed around 2400 but not been able to accurately log the tapas.

I weighed this morning and haven't changed since last week which is great considering I've eaten crap, been for one run and only had one gym visit this week, but I know it wont last so I really need to get my ass in gear!

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  1. Yay well done Crappy! I have discovered Larabars too, the ginger one is sooo good and I also prefer the texture to Nakd Bars :D


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