Friday, 28 August 2009

New Gym

You may remember me ranting about my shit gym not notifying me when my membership was up for renewal - I turned up in my gym gear and they wouldn't let me in :( They claimed that they just don't warn people/encourage you to renew but my friend was given notification that hers was due for renewal.

I feel that "in the current economic climate" (oh how I hate that phrase!) companies should be making more of an effort with customers and should have a bit more appreciation of customer loyalty and just generally not treat you like crap and like your custom doesn't matter.

I thought about not bothering to re-join but didn't want to give up the personal trainer sessions. I was torn between being pissed off at them and appreciating that I would be renewing for my own benefit and it's a good gym, close to home, reasonably priced....but then my boyfriend told me the new Sports Village was opening this week and were having an open day on Saturday. So we went along and I absolutely love the place! Better facilities, closer to home and cheaper! Only thing holding me back was the personal trainer - I think he's really good and I like his approach, I've heard some bad reviews of trainers, particularly gym ones... anyway enough rambling on! What I've decided is that I'll re-join JJB's for one more month and I'll book a block of 6 training sessions (plus one free) and just have one last month there working really hard, then I'll join the Sports Village and give up the trainer - saving around £120-160 a month (considering cheaper membership too)

Here's the link to the new place:

And here is a sneaky wee peek at the free weights area, or Performance Gym, you need to do a 1 hour induction or pass a test to use this section. Though I'm ok with the exercises my confidence isn't great when it comes to free weights so I'll definitely be going for the 1 hour induction!

My boyfriend has joined the Sports Village and went along for his induction last night - it just sounds so awesome! They have this FitLinxx system which keeps track of all your workouts by entering your pin number on each piece of equipment you use, you can also add in any non-FitLinxx exercise you do at the little terminal thingies. You get your ID updated with your workout and each machine remembers your settings/programs and tells you which exercise to go onto next. When using the weights machines you set your full range of motion and it shows you on a little graph how far through the full range you are - so no cheating!

Can't wait to use this gym, I'm even tempted to just not bother with JJB's at all.... but want the PT sessions....

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