Saturday, 22 August 2009

New Jeans at last!

You may remember me moaning/ranting that I couldn't find any jeans to fit me, well after spending a lot of time in TK Maxx and trying on 18 pairs of jeans I managed to find to pairs that were a great fit - and only £20 each! I got a pair of bootcut Levis which I absolutely love, they are so comfy and the fabric has just the right amount of give without being "stretch denim" which I hate! The other pair are Miss Sixty which are nice and long so I can wear with heels. Both pairs are a 31 - though a 31 what I'm not sure as my waist is 26.8" and my hips/belly where the jeans sit is 32.8" but, don't care I used to not be able to buy jeans as the 34 was too tight and I wasn't going any higher!
I seem to be having more luck with consistency now I've lost weight and my shape has evened out - depending on the shop I now know what size to take into the changing room and it usually fits - I no longer need to take 3 of everything to try on!


  1. Yay! Nice jeans are so bloody hard to get and its so satisfying when you do find some good ones! Can't believe you tried on 18 pairs *faint*

  2. I would never have the patience to try on 18 pairs. My best most flattering jeans hang off me now and I know how much of a struggle I have trying to get nice jeans that fit so I keep putting off buying new ones.

    Do we get to see pics of you in your new jeans? :D

  3. Stella Does Blogging23 August 2009 at 20:49

    Well I had time to kill and I was desperate! I only had one pair of jeans and one pair of work trousers that fitted! Didn't even take that long surprisingly!
    I'm not sure it's worth posting pics as it's hard to get a decent photo myself, will see if I can get help from my boyfriend during the week.


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