Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Some things just aren't meant to be...

Today it was going to the gym.

I got home around 4.30pm, had my banana bread Nakd bar and put on my gym stuff. Left the house around 5pm, put in my earphones and my ipod battery had run out. After the horrible day I had at work I decided I couldn't possibly face 1 hour of walking and 1 hour of exercise with no music - I needed something loud and heavy. So I turned back and charged my ipod for half an hour. Left at 5.30pm, got halfway down the street and put my hands in my pockets, think it seemed odd, I was sure I couldn't normally put both hands in my pockets. I had forgotten my back with my water bottle, money, post workout shake and money. Home again, 3rd time lucky! Half an hour later I get to the gym and realise I had forgotten my wallet and therefore my gym card. I figured I'd be ok, they let you away with it 3 times and it was a first offense. But on no! My membership had expired! On the Friday, even though I was in on the saturday - nice of them to warn me eh? They value their customers so highly they don't want us renewing our memberships! To see I was mighty pissed off is putting it somewhat mildly! Then she asked did I want to renew it now - um, no, I forgot my wallet, that's how we got into this conversation!
I can't afford to renew until I am paid so had to cancel my pre-paid!! Personal trainer session for Saturday!
I cried. Just a little.
Decided I'd come home and have that large glass of wine someone at work suggested to de-stress.

Except, I didn't have it, instead I switched on the subwoofer, plugged in my ipod and with the help of a little bit of this, (at a ridiculous volume)

I got these

And this

He's so helpful.....

And I worked my ass off and had a fantastic workout!

I did some dumbbell squats - I don't know what they are called and the closest I can find is the chop squat on the gay fitness community - Realjock.com, it's a bit like this
but, um, more macho... I do these with the PT and use one heavy dumbbell and do 10 with each arm for three sets. You start with the dumbbell at your feet, squat down and pick it up and use your legs to push yourself and your arm up - you lift your arm up over your head using the power from your legs....
Followed by some Romanian Deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats, then bent over row, and shoulder press superset with girlie push ups and I finished off with the plank (3 x 30 seconds) and some stretches.
All my weights were the usual 8 - 12 reps as heavy as I could for three sets.

I already hurt quite a lot!

Then I rewarded myself with this

And now I'm off to have some dinner before updating my food diary - feeling really good and so happy I didn't let the gym thing and general piss-offness get me down and binge!


  1. Oh my word, how much bad luck can a girl have? Someone up there didn't want you working out tonight so well done for doing it at home instead!

  2. Stella Does Blogging19 August 2009 at 18:37

    I know! So unfair but so glad I did it at home! Have major DOMS today!

  3. Just wanted to say well done for not going home and wallowing in a sea of wine & chocolate like I'd have done!!! x


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