Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Oh Yes!

I like my new juicer! I like it a lot!

I didn't have much in the way of fruit and veg so I made a juice with 2 small carrots and 2 small apples

It was so good I wanted another, this one is 2 apples and one sour satsuma

It only took 10 mins to put it together, prepare my fruit/veg, juice it and clean the machine bits! It is a little slower at juicing than a centrifugal juicer, but much quicker to clean and definitely more juice! And look at the funky stuff it spits out!

I feel a need to somehow use this stuff!

What's That coming Over The Hill.....

Is it a monster, is it a monsteeeeeer!!

No, don't worry, it's only me! Well, actually it's this:

Of the many things I said I was going to do/try, rice milk has been one that I've actually done! I've been having it in my porridge for the last couple of weeks - hot and cold porridge, then I decided to try the almond & hazelnut version of Rice dream a couple of weeks ago - Oh. My. God. This stuff is A-mazing! At first I thought it reminded me a little, just a little, of Baileys - yum! So I started adding that to my porridge too and it's even better! I also noticed there was a recipe for a Green Monster on the side, but thought nothing of it. Then JAG got some and noticed the recipe and said she was going to give it a go - I said I would too but typical me forgot all about it until she posted on her blog so I figured I'd better do it! It was..... um.... alright actually! I used 250ml almond and hazelnut rice milk and 100g fresh spinach. It tasted a little bit garden-y but had a lovely sweetness from the milk. I'll porbably have it again when I have spinach to use up but not sure it's a drink I'll look forward to....

I also thought I should try it because after reading the Fitnessista Blog and seeing all her scrummy/interesting looking 'sludges' I really wanted to get myself a good juicer and start experimenting a bit more. I've had a juicer before, it was cheap and total shit. You were lucky to be able to fill a shot glass with juice after tearing through a whole bag of apples! So, after a lot of research and reading tons of reviews, I ordered one of these bad boys!


It's a Samson 6 in 1 masticating juicer - my old one was centrifugal which is apparently nowhere near as efficient and people also talk about nutrient loss being far greater with a centrifugal juicer blah blah.
It can also be used for making nut butters, pasta, mincing meat and apparently if you push frozen fruit through the juicer it makes a ver good 'ice cream'. It should arrive otday or tomorrow - can't wait!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

What I've Been Eating

Totally lazy post from me, but it's been so long I really need to post something, but I'm just not in the mood! I've had an amazing weekend away but I'm still a bit tired from it - got home late on Sunday after a 7 hour drive as was up at 6am the following morning for work, and I'm not long home from a spin class! All I want to do is curl up on the sofa!

I have to admit I didn't really do too well at sticking to the trying new foods plan, I'm totally skinto for the rest of the month so had to put that on hold and have a cheap couple of weeks!

Last week my food was pretty crap - ok at work, junk at home, and I was still getting over the cold at the beginning of the week so exercise was minimal. Wednesday though I had a mammoth 1 and a half hour workout at the gym with my boyfriend, plenty of weights and 30 mins intervals on the treadmill.
Was too sore on Thursday but did have a cycle to/from the dentist. I also had my bikini line waxed and a spray tan so wasn't up for the gym Thursday or Friday.

Friday evening I had a long drive down to Manchester for a fantastic weekend of over-indulgence - loved every minute of it but couldn't get over how much my body hated all the crappy food! Was nice to have a guilt free weekend. Met some wonderful people and laughed so much my insides still hurt. I can't wait to meet up with them again.
There was lots of wine and some cocktails, lots of coffee with milk/syrups/chocolate, sweeties, crisps, chocolate, a Burger King bacon double cheese burger and fries, couple of slices of pizza, full cooked breakfast, tapas, paella and mroe junk on the car journey home!

I was desperate to get back to healthy eating but failed miserably when I got home yesterday and instead of dinner ate loads of Dorito's with hummus and caramel shortcake - which was divine! No gym as I hadn't seen my boyfriend for days and just wanted to curl up on the sofa with him.

Today was much better and included 1 hour at spin class - which I'm absolutely loving! Only naughty food was a little chocolate cookie syrup in my morning coffee - I'm getting hooked on these so decided I can only have them at the weekend as a treat.

I was going to post my food pics but I've just got on online banking letter thing telling me I'm being charged £98 for going £23.05 over my overdraft and I'm now fucking fuming! I don't mind paying a charge, it was my fault, but that is completely unreasonable! It's the first time it's happened and I'm so shocked by how much they charge!
I have the rage now so I will post some pics tomorrow.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Ezekiel Bread..... ooops!

I'm a big dumb twat!! I turned the oven nob too far and ended up cooking my bread in the grill for 40 minutes!
Still turned out ok though, little bit to stodgy in the centre and burnt on top, but looks and tastes like bread!
I think I made the mixture too wet though, but it's hardly my fault since the instructions say 19 tablespoons of water and my spoons are obviously not the same size as theirs! I can understand putting the quantity in spoons when it's only a few, but 19?? Could the not have used ml? Anyhoo, my first ever bread so not bad at all!

After kneading - hated doing this as I get really freaked out when I have sticky stuff on my hands, think this will be a job for my boyfriend in future! The pack came with a cardboard baking "tin" wish I'd read all the instructions before I went out and bought a real one!

After being left to rise for an hour

Grilled and burnt!

Couple of slices! Tastes really nice but not as different as I was expecting, it's just like a nice seeded loaf really! If it was cheaper I'd get it again but it's so much more expensive than normal bread making mixes and if I'm going to make bread fairly regularly I'd be cheaper just buying the separate ingredients and making a good wholemeal loaf that will be just as tasty. I'm pleased it worked out, I was worried it'd totally mess it up and my heart sank when I went back into the kitchen and saw the cooker was set to grill!

New Things!

I've been making more of an effort to try new things in an attempt to hold off the food and exercise boredom. Most of them I haven't got round to trying yet because of having the cold but it's on it's way our now so no excuses!

My next weeks shopping list consists of main meals I haven't cooked before and I've tried to add some more variety to breakfast, lunch and snacks but or those I'm mostly focusing on getting back into the habit of planning and preparing in advance, not at 6am when I'm rushing to get ready for work! I will be away Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night so wont be cooking then.
This week/next weeks dinners should include:
Polenta Pizza
Chili Beef Noodles
Tarragon Chicken Casserole
Cape Hake Fillets
and I have a butternut squash to use too

I have also got myself some coconut oil, Ezekiel bread mix (never had Ezekiel bread or made bread before), Munchy Seeds, Rice Dream rice milk, I got some little tupperware pots for small portions of sugar jelly with berries and reduced sugar Angel Delight with some protein powder mixed in), I'll be trying some more homemade Nakd bars, making some flax muffins, hopefully trying some more Larabars (including chocolate chili!) if my order arrives. I recently tried a couple of Nibbl pouches and want to make my own so have some plain cashews, pistachios, banana chips and caco nibs. I'm also making an effort to get a bit more experimental with oats (hot and cold) thanks to Edna for showing my this blog. Oh and I really want to try some Coconut Chocolate Brownies from the Eat Oxygen blog. Next week I want to use some of her recipes for lunches I can take into work.
I wont be doing/eating all of these this week though!

Exercise - I'm going to have a go at the Rachel Cosgrove Metabolic workout this week, hopefully today but I still feel a bit rough so not sure I should really... failing that I have the day off on Wednesday before heading down to Glasgow for Coldplay so I could do the workout in the morning.
I'd also like to try a Bodysculpt class at the new gym but the only ones I can make next week are Wednesday morning or Wednesday evening so maybe I'll leave that for next week! I don't think I'll make it a regular thing as I want to fit in 3 proper weights session each week and having the classes Tuesday & Wednesday makes it hard to fit in. I'd still like to give it a try though
My boyfriend and are are quite enjoying our weekly badminton, we went yesterday morning and plan on booking a court for every Saturday or Sunday morning.
I had my first spin class for years a couple of weeks ago and plan on making that a regular thing as I really enjoyed it and work harder than I would alone. The only class I can make is a Tuesday evening.
The other class I quite fancy is Sports Conditioning but I think it may be a bit hardcore for me, might see if I can get my boyfriend to come along with me to see how it goes!

My new workout plan is looking a bit like this:

Monday: Weights & Intervals
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: Bodysculpt or Weights & Intervals
Thursday: Cardio or Sports Conditioning class
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Weights & Intervals
Sunday: Badminton

Here is a picture of my first interesting porridge!
I used:
1/3 cup oats
1/3 cup water
1/6 cup skimmed milk
1/6 cup Rice Dream milk
4 Blackberries
10g Mixed Nuts
White chocolate drops - only used a couple of grams of chocolate for a little flavour!
Dark chocolate with fig
1/2 tsp Cinnamon

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sicky Sick Sick

Sorry I've not posted for a while - I'm sick and really haven't been in the mood. I'll get a couple of posts in tomorrow. I'll hopefully have a yummy breakfast cookie to share, thanks to Fitnessista for posting it on her blog - fitnessista.com if you haven't read it already I really recommend her blog - she has the attitude I'd like to have towards food and exercise and really knows how to make healthy eating interesting and delicious!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Nothing in particular...

I haven't bothered posting any food this week as it's been another busy one, I've been closer to maintaining this week - it's TOTM so I'm not to bothered, plus I'm away for the weekend so will worry about food when I'm back!
I weighed in this morning and lost just under half a poud again, which is more than expected!

I've been really enjoying the new gym! Started off with a 1 hour badminton session with my boyfriend on Sunday morning - with a hangover and I now think it is the perfect cure! I haven't played for YEARS! Forgot how much fun it was! I used to play a little when I was in primary school, I went to gymnastics while my parents played badminton then I'd go join them for an hour. I did have to go buy a new grip wrap thingy for my racket though as it's so old it disintegrated in my hands. Ooops.

Properly used the gym for the first time on Monday - just went with my regular gym workout on the machines and treadmill since I hadn't been for almost a few weeks and wanted to get used to the place. It really is great - apart from the leg curl machine, I don't like that one bit, really oddly overly complicated and awkward to use. Everything else is that same as the old gym but better and smoother. mMst of my weights had to go down though for these machines, I was really confused why I couldn't make the leg press move at 90kg when I normally had it 9-something kg at JJB's (can't remember exactly as it didn't go up in 5kgs) eventually got it sussed when I put the weight all the way down to 65kgs and just managed 3 sets of 10. Felt it worked my muslces far better though.
Treadmill is weird, feels really narrow and like I'm about to fall off to one side, but I'll get used to it. Funny that I found them really narrow but my boyfriend thought they were pretty wide.

Tuesday I went along for a Spin class which I was really nervous about but had a great time, my fitness has improved so much, I was quite surprised how much easier it was than when I tried a few years ago. I know next time I can afford to work a bit harder but for some reason on Tuesday I had "the fear". Going to make the effort to go to this class weekly.

Last night I had my proper induction which was ok but mostly not worthwhile. I pretty much went so I could get this FitLinxx thing set up as I'm ok with using the machines. FitLinxx is pretty useful, the first time you use a machine you enter in all your settings for seat heat/position etc. so you don't need to fiddle around so much the next time. You also set your full range of motion and it only counts your reps if you make the full ROM - so no cheating when it gets too tough! At the end of your sets you can set a goal weight for the next session which should come in useful. However I don't want to just be useing the machines for much longer.

Food this week has been ok, I've been eating the right things with the odd exception of a couple of sweeties someone bought to work, main problem has just been eating too much because I've got that wanting to eat something feeling again, I don't know what I want so nothing is satisfying the "hunger". Stupid TOTM.
I had a lovely stir fry last night - first one in ages! Have run out of soy sauce and was feeling lazy so just went for a shop bought Thai green curry and had it with some wholemeal noodles - which I am now a big fan of!

And I have just finished eating a lovely big bowl of strawberries and blueberries. And I'm still craving a bag of Walkers ready salted.

Anyhoo, only 1 hour left of work then I'm free for the weekend! Heading home to Glasgow tomorrow morning to spend the day with my dad and little sister - who I miss loads and haven't seen for ages! Then I'm off out for food and booze with my friend, and also going to get to meet her new man as he's coming along for a few after we've had a catch up. Sunday my boyfriend is running the half marathon then we are going over to his parents place for a big family meal - first time his whole family have been in the same place at the same time for a long time! And we will all be meeting his younger brothers fiance who seems to have appeared as if from nowhere! Should be a great weekend! Oh and I have Monday off work to recover so even better!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Had another rather indulgent weekend! Following on from the tapas and sangria on Friday, Saturday my boyfriend cooked for me and we had a bottle of rose prosecco - which then made us thinks spirits and liqueurs would be a good idea! Followed by some drunken SingStar on the PS3 - and being drunk I though it was a great idea to download some extra songs, hopefully the neighbours like Lady Gaga and Glasvegas!

Dinner was amazing! I was very impressed and think I shouldn't bother cooking ever again!
We had Pork en Croute, pork fillet stuffed with a mixture of cheese, eggs and herbs, wrapped in parma ham and then cooked in pastry, with little pastry hearts on top - served with new potatoes and rocket salad. For desert we ha Gu chocolate souffle's. Heaven!

I also discovered on Saturday that the "Crema Catalan" liqueur I had in La Tasca tastes and awful lot like Lidl's Limoncello

Anyway, here's a couple of crappy photos of dinner and once of my dicking about with candles and wine glasses!

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