Friday, 4 September 2009

Nothing in particular...

I haven't bothered posting any food this week as it's been another busy one, I've been closer to maintaining this week - it's TOTM so I'm not to bothered, plus I'm away for the weekend so will worry about food when I'm back!
I weighed in this morning and lost just under half a poud again, which is more than expected!

I've been really enjoying the new gym! Started off with a 1 hour badminton session with my boyfriend on Sunday morning - with a hangover and I now think it is the perfect cure! I haven't played for YEARS! Forgot how much fun it was! I used to play a little when I was in primary school, I went to gymnastics while my parents played badminton then I'd go join them for an hour. I did have to go buy a new grip wrap thingy for my racket though as it's so old it disintegrated in my hands. Ooops.

Properly used the gym for the first time on Monday - just went with my regular gym workout on the machines and treadmill since I hadn't been for almost a few weeks and wanted to get used to the place. It really is great - apart from the leg curl machine, I don't like that one bit, really oddly overly complicated and awkward to use. Everything else is that same as the old gym but better and smoother. mMst of my weights had to go down though for these machines, I was really confused why I couldn't make the leg press move at 90kg when I normally had it 9-something kg at JJB's (can't remember exactly as it didn't go up in 5kgs) eventually got it sussed when I put the weight all the way down to 65kgs and just managed 3 sets of 10. Felt it worked my muslces far better though.
Treadmill is weird, feels really narrow and like I'm about to fall off to one side, but I'll get used to it. Funny that I found them really narrow but my boyfriend thought they were pretty wide.

Tuesday I went along for a Spin class which I was really nervous about but had a great time, my fitness has improved so much, I was quite surprised how much easier it was than when I tried a few years ago. I know next time I can afford to work a bit harder but for some reason on Tuesday I had "the fear". Going to make the effort to go to this class weekly.

Last night I had my proper induction which was ok but mostly not worthwhile. I pretty much went so I could get this FitLinxx thing set up as I'm ok with using the machines. FitLinxx is pretty useful, the first time you use a machine you enter in all your settings for seat heat/position etc. so you don't need to fiddle around so much the next time. You also set your full range of motion and it only counts your reps if you make the full ROM - so no cheating when it gets too tough! At the end of your sets you can set a goal weight for the next session which should come in useful. However I don't want to just be useing the machines for much longer.

Food this week has been ok, I've been eating the right things with the odd exception of a couple of sweeties someone bought to work, main problem has just been eating too much because I've got that wanting to eat something feeling again, I don't know what I want so nothing is satisfying the "hunger". Stupid TOTM.
I had a lovely stir fry last night - first one in ages! Have run out of soy sauce and was feeling lazy so just went for a shop bought Thai green curry and had it with some wholemeal noodles - which I am now a big fan of!

And I have just finished eating a lovely big bowl of strawberries and blueberries. And I'm still craving a bag of Walkers ready salted.

Anyhoo, only 1 hour left of work then I'm free for the weekend! Heading home to Glasgow tomorrow morning to spend the day with my dad and little sister - who I miss loads and haven't seen for ages! Then I'm off out for food and booze with my friend, and also going to get to meet her new man as he's coming along for a few after we've had a catch up. Sunday my boyfriend is running the half marathon then we are going over to his parents place for a big family meal - first time his whole family have been in the same place at the same time for a long time! And we will all be meeting his younger brothers fiance who seems to have appeared as if from nowhere! Should be a great weekend! Oh and I have Monday off work to recover so even better!

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