Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Had another rather indulgent weekend! Following on from the tapas and sangria on Friday, Saturday my boyfriend cooked for me and we had a bottle of rose prosecco - which then made us thinks spirits and liqueurs would be a good idea! Followed by some drunken SingStar on the PS3 - and being drunk I though it was a great idea to download some extra songs, hopefully the neighbours like Lady Gaga and Glasvegas!

Dinner was amazing! I was very impressed and think I shouldn't bother cooking ever again!
We had Pork en Croute, pork fillet stuffed with a mixture of cheese, eggs and herbs, wrapped in parma ham and then cooked in pastry, with little pastry hearts on top - served with new potatoes and rocket salad. For desert we ha Gu chocolate souffle's. Heaven!

I also discovered on Saturday that the "Crema Catalan" liqueur I had in La Tasca tastes and awful lot like Lidl's Limoncello

Anyway, here's a couple of crappy photos of dinner and once of my dicking about with candles and wine glasses!


  1. GOOOOD photo! And that pork en croute looks and sounds amazing, I want it now!

  2. Stella Does Blogging4 September 2009 at 15:38

    lol thanks Jildo! It was just taken on my phone! The pork was amazing! And only 525 calories per portion, but I think we had more than one portion each....


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