Sunday, 25 October 2009

Challenge 1 Day 5

Whoops! It really went wrong from Friday! As I said below, the one glass of wine after work turned into a bit more! But, it went wrong from around 10am with the first mini flapjack of the day, quickly followed by a chocolate cispie cake and mini jam doughnut, repeated several times throughout the day!! I hate when people bring cakes into work, I'm part of a small team who work away from the rest of the company and people always buy a variety which means there's loads of cakes to go round a few people, combined with no willpower, this is a disaster!

My meals were fine during the day as well, lovely green monster smoothie (banana, spinach, flaxseed and almond rice milk) and the last of my salad with some tuna in Cajun spices and my homemade dressing. I even managed to make a pretty good choice at dinner, some sort of spiced chicken and veg kebabs with loads of salad on a flatbread (I wasn't going to eat), but after 2 glasses of wine I no longer cared about the extra bread calories! Oh and I had it with chunky chips! Then followed it up with a raspberry mojito!

I should have just gone home. But I stopped off at the pub where my boyfriend was celebrating a friends birthday, I ate party food and drank too much pear cider. Nevermind, it was fun and I beat the hangover in the morning!

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