Monday, 26 October 2009

Challenge 1 Days 6 & 7

So the last two days were a bit of a disaster! Saturday started off well with the carrot and apple smoothie,

Then I had a look around a health food shop I only just discovered and bought some bits and pieces including a small carton of almond milk, I was going to go for the full sized one but at £3.15!! I decided I'd just make my own (see next post) the little carton I tried wasn't what I expected, it was nice but really odd tasting, I think that was mostly down to me being used to the almond & hazelnut Rice Dream which is really sweet.

Then I had lunch at KFC, mmmm healthy! But follwed it with a long walk to the park and Winter Gardens where I took loads of photos with my new camera lens, I'll post some later once I've had a chance to upload. Annoyingly when we were ready to leave it was absolutely pouring with rain, so we went to the grotty cafe and had tea and cake! Once we got home we cooked a very healthy chilli,

Served with a Morgans Spiced and coke (or two) and a huge bowl of Dorito's! Hey at least I got some exercise running in the rain!

Sunday was no better, I headed into town early after only a cup of tea, by the time I walked in I was starving and decided a Costa Coffee and croissant were necessary - I really must remember not to bother with their coffee, I really don't like it and ended up leaving half of it after realising there was no point forcing it down! The rest of the day wasn't much better, shop bought sandwiches and chocolate for lunch and cereal for dinner! But I did make some almond milk, attempt some home made Larabar type things and I made a skirt, it has darts and a zip and everyhing! Pretty good first attempt but I doubt I'll be wearing it, learned plenty so I know the next one will be much better! I would alter this one but my sewing maching is a little £8.99 thing from JML that needs re-threaded everytime I look at it and I really don't fancy trying the zip again!




  1. I really must get some of that almond milk, it sounds amazing - not sure I'd have the patience to make my own, you are so resourceful! How do you find the time?!! xx

  2. stelladoesblogging26 October 2009 at 15:10

    It takes no time at all! Like a minute to measure out almonds and water into a bowl, go away and leave it, blend it, drain it, go away and leave it... drink it! Would have taken longer to go to a shop and buy it! I do stuff like that while cooking or washing up, otherwise I'll sit down and not bother!


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