Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Challenge 2 Day 1

Monday was a good day! I finished the day with 78 calories to spare, I drank 2.3L of water, ate 9.2 portions of fruit & veg, was chip/crisp free - I did have some Bertolli Baked crisp-like things though!

B: Green Monster with almond & hazelnut rice milk, spinach & banana - had to use up the end of the rice milk so not used the homemade almond milk yet!

L: Mulligatawny soup and a homemade Nakd/Larabar style fruit and nut shmoosh type thing

S: Small satsuma and an apple cut up and spread with hazelnut butter - love this!

D: Multigrain Ryvita with Philidelphia Light and a bowl of pork mince chilli
S: Sweet chilli Bertolli Baked Bites, fudge baby and a little bit of wholemeal wrap with Philidelphia and smoked salmon, the end fell of the wrap I was making for tuesdays lunch!

Drinks: Milky coffee, 4 cups of green tea, 2 cups peppermint tea and one of camomile tea (tastes like hay!) and water

No exercise, I was tired, it was raining.

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