Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Challenge 2 Day 2

Tuesday was a success, two days in a row - I'm getting good at this!

12.6 portions of fruit & veg, 2.2L of water, only 9 calories over and I went to the gym for an hour! I almost didn't go because it was dark, cold and pouring with rain and I wasn't really liking the idea of a soggy 20 min walk each way! But if I think like that I'll hardly ever get to the gym over the next few months! I was planning on going to the spin class but forgot to book and it was full :( so I just went up and did some weights and cardio and booked into next weeks class.

B: Green Monster - banana, spinach, homemade almond milk and 1/2 tsp spirulina

Monsterfollowed by 3 juiced carrots with 3 juiced apples

carapple juice

S: Satsuma

L: Wholemeal wrap with light Phili, spring onion and smoked salmon

S: Large Apple Pie Nakd bar and another Green Monster before the gym and a slice of Swedish Rye Bread with Light Phili after the gym

D: Skinny chicken chow mein with noodles


S: 10g organic dark chocolate with orange and rose and stuff

Drinks: Milky coffee, green tea, peppermint tea, lots of water

Exercise: 10 mins warm up on the cross trainer to charge my iPod, Leg Press, Leg Curl, Thigh Extension, Pull Downs, Chest Press, Seated Row and Shoulder Press - my shoulder press has become really pathetic again :( and I finished with 10 mins intervals on the treadmill listening to Pendulum which caused me to nearly kill myself! It's impossible to walk or jog with Pendulum!


  1. Hey crappy, that chow mein looks frigging gorgeous! Well done on getting to the gym chick xx

  2. the smoked salmon wrap sounds nice - will nick that idea if I may: ;-)

  3. stelladoesblogging30 October 2009 at 15:49

    JAG the chow mein is frigging gorgeous! Recipe is here if you ever fancy it - dead quick!

    The smoked salmon wrap was lovely too - it was a bit random, I had smoked salmon close to going off and only bread type products I had were a pack of frozen wraps and I felt I really should have some sort of veg and figured spring onion would be better than bean sprouts or mange tout! Didn't think it would work but it really did!


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