Friday, 30 October 2009

Challenge 2 Day 3

Almost! 15 calories to spare, 4.9! portions of fruit & veg and 1.8L water.

B: Started with the usual Green Monster - homemade almond milk, banana, spinach and spirulina


S: Satsuma

L: Mulligatawny Soup with a slice of Swedish rye bread

S: Snacksize Malteasers and mini caramel shortcake - another birthday means more sweets and cakes! But we had a 'thing' at work that included coffee and Danish partries and I resisted! It was very hard, I was very close to cutting one in half but I wasn't hungry and had already had cake and chocolate - I'm amazed that I managed it!

D: I'm a bit embarrassed about dinner but I was curious to try the All Natural Amy's Enchilada's I found in the freezer at Sainsburys




Well the sauce was lovely actually! I didn't read the pack properly, I thought it was just black bean and veg but there was tofu as well, that was horrible and dry! Still, it gave me the idea of making my own withblack beans and veg and homemade sauce.

S: Apple and hazelnut butter and a fudge baby

30g walnuts

60g dates

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp cocoa powder

put everything in my mini chopper thing and blitzed for a few mins, rolled into balls and put in the fridge. About 60 cals each and I made about 5 or 6, only wanted a small batch to see if I liked them - I loved them! Highly recommended! Also apparently good broken up into a bowl of porridge


Drinks: Milky coffee, few green teas and some water

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