Monday, 26 October 2009

Challenge 2

After failing Challenge 1 I decided for challenge 2 I would just add a little to my goals in Challenge 1.

I know since I failed it would make sense for me to eaither stick to the same targets or aim a little lower but really the aims in Challenge 1 are the minimum I'd like to aim for and I will keep trying until I get there!

Challenge 2:

5+ portions of F&V each day
2+L of water/juice each day
4 lots of exercise for 30+ minutes
Stay within calories each day
No crisps or chips all week!
Try one new healthy meal (planning on doing the cod dish from Before & Forever)

I still haven't weighed since I know I ate too much and it's that time of the month again and I'm feeling fat and bloated.

On target so far today, been nibbling on things this evening but still within calories and I think I'm done now!

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