Sunday, 18 October 2009

A Challenge!

I've been slacking of a bit, well, a lot, lately and I just can't seem to get fully back on track - I'm doing ok but I'll maybe only manage it for the morning and afternoon and lose it in the evening, or my main meals remain healthy but my snacks are awful. So in order to provide a little motivational boost I suggested to the girls, JAG, Jildo and Ivana that we do a series of mini challenges each week. They are only going to be little challenges and the aim is not to meet the challenges but to use the challenges as something to aim for and as something to give a wee motivational kick, though of course I will treat them as though I am going to meet the goals we set, but I wont let myself get too bummed if I don't quite make it - as long as I've really tried!

We start on Monday, so the first one is tomorrow, we will keep it up for the week and weigh in each Sunday and report back amongst ourselves and on our blogs. I thought blogging about it would also be a good motivator to get us regularly updating our blogs.

I forgot to weight in today so will have my first challenge weigh in tomorrow morning. I'm a bit scared as I haven't weighed myself for AGES! I have no idea what it's going to be, I know I haven't put on a lot going by how my clothes fit but I'm still not looking forward to it - I'm not measuring myself for at least a week - maybe 2!

If anyone reading would like to join in at any time please do so, you can add comments, blog (feel free to leave a link in the comments) or email if you want.

Challenge 1:

5+ portions of fruit / veg every day
At least 2L water every day.
3 exercise sessions in the week each lasting at least 30 minutes
Stay within calories for the week  (focus on the week for now rather than each day, my loss rate is currently set to 0.5lb per week, I'll aim for this but may drop it to 1lb per week.)
Weigh in at the start and end of the week and report back on Sunday


  1. A smoothie recipe for you:

    1 banana
    cup full of berries
    1/2 cup oats
    1/2 greek yog
    scoop of whey
    1 tbsp flaxseed
    rice milk or water to get consistency

    It is yummy and really filling - have half for breakfast and the remainder for mid morning snack!


  2. stelladoesblogging19 October 2009 at 11:27

    Thanks for that Sarah it sounds lovely, I used to make a smoothie with oats years ago and had forgotten all about adding them. Good idea about having half anf half too!

  3. Hey Crappy, so far so good! 4 portions of F&V, 2.5L water + 4 mugs green tea and a run planned later!

    Thanks for motivating me hun, you're a gem! *mwah*


  4. Well done JAG! I managed mine too, almost didn't make the gym but remembered the challenge at the last minute! It's a great motivator!


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