Thursday, 1 October 2009

Food Porn

These are all from the week before last, and the one before that! - I've not posted much food lately so thought I'd just show you instead! And also I can't get my photo's to upload to post yesterdays food...

I'll start with the bad! I started my weekend in Manchester the way I meant to carry on!

And then had some glorious cocktails - they're not all mine sadly :(

I ate a bit of porridge...

Coconut and Rice Milk with some seeds and dried berries

Coconut with Almond & Hazelnut rice milk and a chopped banana

Almond & Hazelnut rice milk with half a banana, seeds and dried berries

And my favourite! Rice Milk, cinnamon, mixed plain nuts, dark chocolate with fig

My last shop bought pina colada juice

Chili Chocolate and Banana Cookie Larabars - the chili one is amazing, has the perfect amount of spice for me

The first, and only successful veg to come from our garden - used in Keema curry

Some sushi - shop bought, I still really want to try making my own one day

And turkey stir fry

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