Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hangover Shmangover

My one glass of wine on Friday may have turned into dinner, two large glasses, a raspberry mojito and two pear ciders.... Since I'm no longer used to drinkng much and I was feeling really very drunk I was dreading the hangover in the morning! I lay in bed for ages yesterday not wanting to get up and discover how sick I was feeling, it didn't help that I'd been dreaming about rollercoasters!
But when I got up I didn't feel nearly as bad as expected, so I dragged my butt to the kitchen, pulled out my juicer, shoved in 2 carrots and 4 apples, which was delicious, and I felt great great after drinking it! I always try and get some vitamin C and plenty of fluids after a night out, but I'll definitely be going for the fresh squeezed juice next time!


  1. Hurrah, you flicked V's at the hangover with your yummy juice. Hope you had a fantastic night, I was mucho jealous of your wine!

  2. That juice doesn't look like carrots & apples! you are making me want a juicer, god damn you!

  3. stelladoesblogging26 October 2009 at 10:53

    It didn't taste anything like carrot, it was lovely! One of ly favourite combinations, simple, cheap, tasty!
    And totally cancels out wine!


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