Monday, 12 October 2009


Little juice post since I'm too lazy/tired to post anything proper!

I've still been using my juicer most days and I'm please to say I haven't felt like cleaning/assembling is a faff or offputting, but then it really is so simple anyway.

Here are this weeks juices

This one is just 3 green apples - I loooove the colour and it tasted so beautifully crisp and fresh, nice and sweet with a wee bit of green apple sourness to it. and free as I took a handful of apples home from work!

Two thirds of a pinapple! Delicious, but left my tounge all sore and stingy, definitely better mixed with things because of this!

Juiced pear blended with almond rice milk and a scoop of cookies & cream protein powder

Um..... think this one must be cucumber and pink grapefruit with an apple...


  1. mmm...second last one looks fab! Must get a juicer

  2. I agree! The pear one with almond milk looks delicious! I HAVE to get a juicer xx


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