Sunday, 1 November 2009

Challenge 2


Yeah I didn't make it! It was going so well, then I lost it when there were cakes and sweets in work, then I went out for some wine and had pizza on the way home, I then had a Domino's pizza on Saturday night too! And today I ate Pringles! I only needed one more day ad I at least would have been successful with no crisps for the week! I managed to stay within calories more days than I was over and managed 3 lots of exercise, 2 for an hour and one was hours of walking so not far of that one!

For Challenge 3 I'm trying again but not going to get so hung up on the numbers - I'm going to treat them a bit like the Pirate Code and refer to them as more of a guide. My main focus is going to be on what I am eating. I really need to cut junk food and processed foods out altogether as letting the odd thing slip in here and there just sends me way off track and I struggle to get back on. It's really annoying because as I'm eating crappy foods I'm thinking that I'm not really enjoying it, I've got so used to real flavours that processed ones just taste quite bland, I just seem to keep forgetting this and carry on eating because I think I may as well. I don't think there are any more work birthday's or nights out planned for this week so hopefully there wont be so many temptations!

Some of my food over the last few days, in no particular order:

Hangover Cure Apple & Carrot Juice:

Firefly Green Tea with Peach - never tried these before, there are lovely and all natural!

Raw Chocolate Raspberry Truffle - so expensive but absolutely beautiful! If you like proper dark chocolate you must look out for these!

Juiced Carrot, Apple and Kiwi - desperately trying to get my fruit and veg up for the day! Was Nice but the seeds in the kiwi really catch in the back of my throat!

Kiwi Apple Carot

Green Monster with Spinach, Banana and Spirulina and a little taste of my homemade chocolate almond milk - this is great!! It's a bit grainy as I was impatient and ended up dropping the muslin cloth in the jar so had to start again, but not without a taste!

Apple Juice I made for my boyfriend on Saturday morning after I made my hangover juice


Today's lunch, shop bought pastrami sandwich and half a caramel shortcake

Pastrami Sandwich with Caramel Shortcake

Tonights dinner - Chicken stuffed with Philidelphia, wrapped in parma ham, served with roast veg and some potato wedges - cooked by my boyfriend who also grew the potatoes himself!

Stuffed Chicken in Parma Hm

Glass of white wine, it was rubbish

So I drank it and then had a Cream Cutie Chocolate Orange Liqueur instead - these are just gorgeous! If you like cream liqueurs or chocolate orange you should try them.

Breakfast today was some Whole Earth Cocoa Crunch granola with Greek Yogurt and a mug of Tea Pigs Winter Spice tea - Tea Pigs are nother thing I recommend, the tea is always so tasty and they do some awesome flavours - thought I 've only tried the Winter Spice, English Breakfast and Chocolate Tea so far so I may be exaggerating a little!

Sorry for the picture heavy post, I'm too tired to think of anything to write tonight!


  1. The pictures are great! I love your heart shaped bowl :)

  2. That second bottom picture is awesome, should be in a magazine :D i failed too, I really am so useless!

  3. stelladoesblogging3 November 2009 at 12:20

    Thank you both! Diesegirl, the 'bowl' is really an oven dish!
    Jildo I agree, I should be in magazines! :D
    and you are not useless at all!


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