Wednesday, 11 November 2009

More Pumpkin!

Yesterday was a tasty food day! It may not have all been good but I really enjoyed it!

Breakfast was the trusty Green Monster with homemade almond milk, spinach, banana, spirulina and 1 tsp flaxseed

Lunch was a shop-bought New Covent Garden Butternut Squash and Sage soup which was lovely, must make my own sometime!

For my afternoon snack I tried out some goats milk yogurt with blueberries and dried banana cips. The yogurt was..... interesting! It had a gorgeous thick and creamy texture and tasted pretty much like most natural yogurts, only a little bit too "fresh", normally I eat yogurt and think nothing but this made me think 'this just came out of a goat' and then I'd think 'so what? Regular yogurt comes out a cow!' I think I do like it, just need a couple more servings to get my head around it!

Blueberries were lush as always and the banana chips were a great addition! The yogurt makes them go all soft and chewy like sweeties!

Before heading to the gym for spin class I made a smoothie with frozen spinach, frozen mango and water - it was ok, I should have used almond milk instead of water though.

Mango Spinach

Spin class was fun - really tough, but definitely fun! We've had someone different take the class almost every week, each one better than the last but none quite as good as the first so I was pleased to see the first girl was back - she had ran a marathon and been on holiday. I was in agony throughout the whole class and my heart rate was in the 170's for most of it, rarely below 160! I had my usual walk home in the dark and cold :( and stopped by TK Maxx and bought some penguin and snowman plates which I've been eyeing up for ages now - simple things really make me happy!

For dinner I had some Brusselsprouts - first time I've had them since christmas when I must have been under 10 and I hated them! But since this whole stick was only £1 I thought I'd give them another chance


I decided I'd finally have my munchkin pumpkin too

Munchkin Pumpkin

Look how tiny!

Munchkin Pumpkin Hand

I chopped them up and added some olive oil and black pepper, and some garlic salt to the srouts

Pumpkin and Sprouts Raw

And roast them in the over for about 30 minutes

Pumpkin and Sprouts

Served with  after a fillet of Cape Hake grilled with a little chinese 5 spice and soy sauce, served on a penguin plate, naturally.

Cape Hake

Annoyingly I messed up the timings and have to have the fish and veg separately.

And just for the hell of it, here is my very very happy cat!


Sorry for the poor picture quality, my photo editing abilities are somewhat limited at work!

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