Thursday, 26 November 2009


After getting to work on pomegranate number 2 I have come to the conclusion that pomogranate is just not worth the effort, not ones bought in Aberdeen anyway!

Firstly they look a bit.... peely wally and sad, dull pale red or a pale pinky-red-yellow kind of colour.

Then inside, I was expecting something like this:

But the reality looks a bit dry and more like lots of seeds with a wee bit of juice, not like a little plump and juicy berries with a little seed inside

I mean they don't look bad or anything, just not so exciting!

Which is why I added vodka! :D

It was....not as good as it looks! Too bitter. And I still had 3 more left! I'm not impressed but they are good enough for me to eat the rest so I am trying again tomorrow and have packed a tub of raspberries and pomegranate arils to take to work tomorrow

I also packed up some oats with coconut water and a thinly sliced banana for breakfast and a salad with mived leaves, grated courgette, yellow pepper and pomodoro tomatoes with some extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and mustard dressing to add

I'm feeling much better today and even ate lunch so thought I should get back into the habit of preparing food to take into work. I now just have a painful and irritating cough but at least I feel normal and have a lot more. Which is just as well since I had to spend this evening preparing food for my friends who are coming round for dinner and drinks tomorrow - I can't wait!


  1. The colours on your food look amazing. You'll get a good dose of vitamins from that to help your recovery!

    I was walking past a fruit and veg shop yesterday and they had four pomegranates for a euro and they're on special in Lidl as well but I couldn't be arsed to be honest - I *heart* fruit but I just want hassle free fruit like bananas and berries! I have to spend way too much time prepping my beloved butternut squash, no time for fruit prep!

  2. I meant to say in my post about the amount of time and effort involved in getting into the thing being just not worth it! They aren't really designed to be eaten I think!

    It does put me off butternut squash how time consuming and awkward they can be to prepare, I'm not very skilled with a knife and quite slow anyway. I usually get my boyfriend to deal with the difficult veg, and I can't remember the last time I chopped meat!


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