Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Spoke Too Soon

Because I'm still ill and feeling rubbish :(

Fed up of it now - it's just a bad cold and it's getting better which is good. I went back to work yesterday only to be off again today! I'm sure I'll be baack tomorrow and fine for the rest of the week but definitely going to be taking it easy aand not going to bother with the gym. I've thought about doing some yoga at home but I'm struggling to breathe so will probably give that a miss too for a few more days.


Food has been a bit better, I still have harldy any appetite during the days but less foods are making me feel sick. I'm on a really tight budget this week so no cash left for crappy foods - though I am having friends over for dinner on Friday so I wont exactly be eating healthy all week, but it will be homemade, and there will be pictures!


Get well soon to all those others suffering with colds or flu!

1 comment:

  1. Oh god, I hate that! When you finally think "yes, I'm getting better" only to go down hill again a day or two later.

    Sending massive hugs and sympathy, get plenty of rest and feel better soon



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