Friday, 27 November 2009

Weigh In

I had my first proper weigh in for ages this morning. It was a good one! I've just passed my second goal weight!

My first goal weight was just a random guess at an ok weight but I still felt too big so set my second goal for another 10lb. I've been ill for the past two weeks and eating badly and not exercising enough for the last 2+months - but generally Monday - Friday 9-5 I've eaten well. I've kep an eye on my weight the whole time and stuck at around 139lb. While I've been ill I've not had much of an appetite but when it did come back it was mostly sugary drinks, crisps and bacon rolls with butter I was cramming in. I'm also just through with TOTM, last month I didn't take a break from my pill so have been suffering the bloating effects all month so I am fairly confident with what the scales said this morning and that it wont go shooting up as my appetite returns.

Anyway I have lost a total of 2.2 stones since mid February this year. I started for about a month on 1100 calories per day for a loss of 2lb per week, I found this just wasn't enough and changed to a 1lb a week loss then when I got to the first goal I went down to 0.5lb a week. In total it works out that I've been losing 0.7lb per week with some weeks being over 2lb and others being small gains or staying the same.

I've tried to stick to eating natrual and unprocessed foods, I've gone lower carb and higher protein to support my exercise which consisted of heavy weight training and interval training on the exercise bike/cross trainer/treadmill. I also used a personal trainer once a week for a few months - which was a fantastic motivator but just too expensive to keep up.
My consistency has been quite poor - though far better than any other times I've tried losing weight, and improving! Whenever I've wandered off track I've managed to get back on - though this latest fall is taking a lot longer to recover from!
I found keeping a diary on a thread in a forum I used incredibly helpful, sadly the forum kind of died a death so my blog took over and has been such a great tool in keeping me going and interested in what I'm doing. I like being accountable, even if I don't know who is reading or if no one was reading, putting it out there and knowing people can see really does help!

I still have a bit of podge to shift so I have set my next goal for 10lb though I have no idea if I will reach it. I'm now under 10 stones for the firstr time since I was a child, I really never thought it was possible - I'm quite broad built and always figured I just would be big, I never realised I had as much as 2 stone going spare that I could comfortably lose!
My main aim now is to focus on exercise, getting fit and improving my shape - and falling into a comfortable exercise habit I never want to give up!

Ideally I'd love to not have to count calories but I'm not quite there yet so will be sticking with WLR and counting until I am! I am going to try to be a bit more relaxed about counting by making more of an effort to stick to the right foods.


  1. Wow mate, I didn't realise you had lost so much! Hugh congrats to you.

    I don't think I will ever be able to go it alone, I'm always going to be one of those people that has to work my arse off to stay slim but I'm happy to do that.

    Wishing you loads of luck for reaching your next goal


  2. That's great going Stella! Getting under 10 stone is something I've wanted for a while now myself as I can't remember when I was last in the "9s". Sticking to something for long enough is definitely a problem with me as well! I get so impatient, and I'm such a snacky snacky monster as well :-P

    Presume the forum you're talking about is Handbag? Really what were they thinking of...


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