Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Road Trip

Was fun! No disasters, we didn't fall out, managed to see everyone, went to Ikea, didn't spend too much money... success!

Though I definitely failed getting in that blog post or two - we were just too busy and my bettery died on my iphone, I'd managed to pack some random white cable instead of the actual charging cable.

It really was great being able to do it on our own! It was too bad we didn't get to spend more time with everyone but I'm just so happy to have seen them. We were both pretty exhausted when we got home on Sunday night - I fell fast asleep face down on the sofa and woke up with drool all over my face and hair - oh dear!

We made some creamy, dark chocolate truffles with Baileys as gifts for everyone, fortunately there were some left over for us (I say us but I ate all but two bites really, oops!) they really were amazing and so simple to make. I'll be making another batch, or 2, or 3! And I'll definitely be posting the recipe and some pictures, they're so good I have to share!

There's not really much else to say about it, our stops were so quick it was pretty much a cup of tea and some catching up, and me taking hundreds of pictures of my little sisters!

Here are some boring driving pictures (it's my first road trip I'm allowed to be stupidly excited!)

Yes, I am a loser! To be honest I thought I'd get some really good photos, it's such a lovely part of the country but it was cold, rainy and miserable pretty much the entire time we were driving!

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