Thursday, 3 December 2009

Road Trip!

This weekend we get to do our first ever road trip!

My boyfriend passed his test a couple of weeks ago - first time with only a few lessons! Got his license on Saturday and we bought our first car on Monday!

Here he is:

He is called Gurg and he's very cure and shiny! :D I'm really pleased with him, he even comes with alloy's (lol!), a CD player and he gets really nice and warm inside, and he can go fast! He seems to be doing well despite my boyfriend trying to kill him on day two!

Sadly I can't drive him :( Driving seems like far too scary a thing for me to want to do!

So on Saturday we are spending the day driving around visiting our parents - it's so great knowing we can just drive down whenever we fancy now, we now longer need to rely on buses and trains and remember to plan and book tickets in advance to get a good price, we can just go!

It's going to be a busy weekend, we drive down from Aberdeen to see my mum and her.... partner, I guess - I never know how to refer to him, they aren't married but calling him her boyfriend just sounds ridiculous! They are down on the West Coast of Scotland, after a few hours we'll head further down the coast to see my boyfriends parents, then we drive all the way back up to Glasgow to see my dad, his 'girlfriend' and my 3 little sisters - we're gonig to stay the night, have some dinner, drinks, watch X-Factor, play some Call of Duty 4 player :D get some sleep and head home on Sunday - possibly via Ikea!

We have friends visiting next weekend and the one after that we are in Paris, then it's christmas!!! So not much time for visiting family and we like spending christmas in our home and we have our little Jeff too - can't leave him home alone over christmas, I feel mean making him travel, he's really naughty so I hate having him in other people's houses - I get so stressed! Plus my dad has a cat now too and he's a bit territorial, he's a pure breed siamese who spends his days roaming the streets looking for a fight and comes home battered, bruised and scratched every day, he even tried to take on a fox recently! He's still only a tiny kitten!

So anyway, it's great to be able to go see family now as we were worrying it would need to be after New Year. Also means we can drop off some presents and save on postage/worrying if things will be delivered on time, if at all!

I'm going to be a geek and take my laptop in the car with me so I can continue planning our christmas eats and food shopping list! I can also hopefully get a blog post or two in over the weekend.

I might be a bit quiet over the next few weeks as I have loads on with visiting people, people visiting us, employer and client christmas do's, year end at work (I'm an accountant) will be very busy, 5 nights in Paris, plus lots of food prep - I don't want to buy food in packets this year and I'm probably planning to do too much but I'm really looking forward to it! I'm not even sure I'll make it to the gym too much - then it will be mobbed in January with everyone who joins up after christmas and gives up after a few weeks - that used to be me!


  1. Crappy your next few weeks sounds so much fun! Have a fab roadtrip! xx

  2. stelladoesblogging8 December 2009 at 21:54

    Thank you Jildo! It was great fun! And I'm already starting to stress about getting everything done over the next few weeks!


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