Thursday, 21 January 2010

2 for 1

I think I owe you two posts today since I missed yesterdays update! I have a good excuse for my absence though - I was sleeping. I feel asleep on the sofa around 9pm I think, woke up at 10pm and went straight to bed! And I didn't wake until my alarm at 6.15am! I have a bit more energy today!

So...yesterdays food:

Breakfast: Smoothie with Almond & Hazelnut rice milk, oats and some vanilla protein powder

'scuse the iPhone picture. Do you like my Hannah Montana cup!? It was the best thing I could find for taking smoothies in to work and keeping them cool - it gets me some funny looks.

Snack: Satsuma

Lunch: Wholemeal pitta with tuna mixed with red onion, paprika and fromage frais - was really tasty but just too smll and left me hungry all day.

Snack: Tomtato Slim a Soup *hangs head in shame* I was desparate! It was gross. I drank a whole 750ml bottle of water straight after as the salt made me SO thirsty! I also had half a Milky Way before dinner, it's TOTM and I just felt like it, enjoyed every bite! I'm going to count this as my once a week treat meal pudding so if I have a treat meal at the weekend, no pudding!

Dinner: Spaghetti bolognese with some grated red leicester cheese - I blame TOTM for the cheese!

Snack: A few squares of raw chocolate - more on this tomorrow!

I went a fair bit over my calories yesterday - I probably ate around maintenance so not too worried about it. I forgot to add any nutrition info the day before but I think I was a couple over or a couple.

And that's all there is to say about yesterday really, I only had a couple of hours where I wasn't sleeping or working!

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