Saturday, 23 January 2010

Friday's Food

Guess what? I fell asleep just after 9pm again! That's why I didn't post last night! Slept in until 10am this morning so hopefully I'll have a bit more staying power tonight! Though I did have to get up at 7am to feed the cat,

while trying to get my attention he slipped off my bedside table, knocked my lamp on top of me and got wedged between the bed and table - arse in the air! He managed to free himself before I had to intervene at least.

Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a treat evening, with a healthy meal! So I guess it evens out!

Breakfast: Green Monster smoothie - almond & hazelnut rice milk, big chunk of spinach, spirulina and a banana. Followed by a Berocca. I'm not getting bored of the green monster but I do want to find another nice smoothie involving veg somehow...

Snack: 1 satsuma

Lunch: Another micro omelette - I serisously love these! Goats cheese and peppered ham filling again. That's the last of the goats cheese :( I want to think of some different fillings but I need something that either doesn't need cooking or will be ok cooked the night before and I'm not sure how well mushrooms would hold up.

Snack: After an insanely stressful morning I cracked and had a Twix bar!

Dinner: Grilled haloumi cheese in Nando's sauce with grilled portobello mushroom in a wholemeal pitta - prepared and cooked in less time than it took my boyfriend to make his cheese and bacon omelette! Comes to around 490 calories, 32g Carbs, 24g Fat and 40g Protein.

Snack: We went to the cinema - this is my big weakness for pigging out! I've managed to stop doing it when we watch movies at home - it is more of a treat tog et movie munchies at home these days, but at the cinema I just can't help myself! I had two of those tiny 10p bags of Haribo - started out ok! But then had several Cadburys Caramel mini eggs! And a couple of my boyfriends sweets too.

Ended up about 500 calories over for the day! Still lost 2lb this week though!

I did say I would post a little about the raw chocolate yesterday but I'm going to wait until Sunday now as I have things I want to do today!


  1. Well done on the 2lb loss crappy :)

  2. WEll done on the weight loss. But cinema food is expensive! (as well as useless calories).
    Why not have something healthy to eat before you leave home?

  3. stelladoesblogging24 January 2010 at 12:22

    Thank you both!

    Dressingmyself - I but it in the supermarket across from the cinema to save money! I've tried eating before hand and taking healthy stuff with me - it's just the will power, I'll still eat the rubbish if I'm full. Once I see the bad stuff and see other people buying it I just can't resist! It's just habit though - I think I need to try going cold turkey - just take water with me and no money, remind myself that I don't need food to watch a movie.


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