Friday, 8 January 2010


Hello Blogland!

I feel compelled to say Happy New Year!! Even though it was ages ago!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year - I did, I also had a birthday in the middle which was great too! I ate a LOT of good food and drank a LOT of alcohol! But unlike last Christmas I ate a lot better and had a lot more home made foods and didn't just stuff myself silly on crisps and chocolate! I'll post some holiday food pictures later. We made our first ever roast for Christmas Day which turned out beautiful! Much better than the beef joint we cooked on New Years Day - bit under done but we got a couple of slices off the ends and left the rest in to cook a bit more. Several hours later I remembered it was still in there and found a sad little lump of coal :( Such a waste but at least we got a laugh out of it!

I'm full of good intentions this year but I'm not setting any resolutions - I never do - though I did make a deal with my boyfriend that 2010 would be the year of no fast food! Well no McDonalds, Burger King or KFC - Subway is still acceptable every now and again! I do enjoy Subway but the other always leave me disappointed and hungry so there really is no point in giving into the cravings for them.

Other things I want to do this year include running the half marathon in Glasgow in September, with a couple of smaller local runs between now and then. Annoyingly I haven't ran at all this year so far, outside is far to icy and it would take me at least an hour to get to the gym with the icy pavements. This means I really need to focus on eating well this month! And since it's January I need to eat well on a very tight budget.

I want to cook more this year, I have a loose idea of wanting to try at least one new recipe a week and continuing to try new foods and come up with some new breakfast, lunch and snack ideas for eating at work - otherwise blogging about food will be incredibly boring.

Which is my next 'thing' - blogging - I need to make the effort to post regularly, it keeps me motivated with healthy eating and exercise and it's better than going home in the evenings and just sitting on the sofa in front of the TV while my brain switches right off.

And tied in with blogging is photography. Last year I bought myself a Canon EOS 1000D SLR and with some vouchers from work I also got myself some lenses to go with it, and my kind friends Jill and JAG also each gave me a photography book so I have no excuse not to learn what to do with it! I've joined a project group - 52.5 of tweny ten- on Flickr where the aim is to take a photo each week that fits in with the chosen theme.  It's only week 2 but already it's been great for getting me to explore what I can do with my camera and instead of getting frustrated and giving up when it doesn't work out I'm reading the books, browsing Flickr and pestering Jildo with constant questions! I'll be aiming for posting something photography based once a week to tie in with the project.

And following on from photography... I want to try and learn to be more confident this year, in all things, I want to be able to congratulate myself when I reach weightloss or fitness goals without thinking how I could have done better or how someone else has achieved more, I want to stop looking at every photo I take and thinking it's crap, I want to stop not posting things because I don't think anyone will be interested, I want to speak up more at work and remind myself that I do know what I'm talking about, I want to get on with my professional exams which I keep putting off because I'm scared of failing....and so on!

And lastly (well I'm sure there are others but the last big thing!) I want to make sure I stay in control of my finances - I spent the first day back at work (naughty!) this week going through my plan and working out all my outgoings and how much debt I can manage to repay each month whilst minimising interest charges and making sure I still have enough money to have fun with so I am more likely to stick to the plan! Yes, I am a big accountant loser! But's made a huge difference to me already, I know exactly where I stand and how long it will take to pay everything off - and it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it was.

Well I think that's quite enough rambling for one post so I shall leave it there!


  1. Wow thats a lot of resolutions but all excellent ones. Look at what a lot of progress you made in lots of things last year and this years gonna be even better. And not just cos you're coming to Belfast and going with me to Noo Yoik :D xxx

  2. A quick *wave* back to you hun..and a happy christmas, new years and birthday to ya!

    Good "resolutions" =] 2010 will be a great year x

  3. I know it looks like a lot, but I'm thinking of it as things to work towards in 2010, not things I have to have done by the end of the year.
    I've already got so much to look forward to this year!

    Rachel! So good to see you back! You're off to a great start - 2010 WILL be a great year!

  4. Hey mate, those are some fantastic goals! I love the half marathon goal and I'm sure you know, that is one of mine for next year but who knows - if my running goes well throughout this year, I may be in a position to join you in September!


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